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It’s been a week of feeling sad and helpless and awestruck at the power of Mother Nature.

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If you’ve had the TV on even a few minutes over the past couple of days, you’ve seen the devastation left behind in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Maybe you are even living the nightmare right now.

image from: USA Today – photo by: Julio Cortez (AP)

Many people have lost their lives, and many, many more have lost their homes (which is like losing a huge part of your life and your past). Entire communities have been wiped off the map and countless historic buildings and beloved tourist destinations have been destroyed by wind, rain, flooding and fire.

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Here at House Crazy, our hearts are breaking for all of the suffering taking place due to this horrible storm.

People’s homes – their entire lives – have been ripped open and blown away or carried off into murky waters. Just gone. Or in pieces. It’s enough to make you cry – even if you live thousands of miles away.

image from: BBC World News – photo by Lem Lattimer

Some notable houses in the hardest hit areas of the northeast have made the headlines already and more news is trickling in as we slowly realize what was lost and what was arbitrarily spared.

It’s good news though for fans of Lucy the Elephant House in Margate, New Jersey  – she survived a direct hit from the storm.

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Built in 1881 as a fantastical house/tourist attraction, Lucy was refurbished in the last century with a steel structure (rather than her original wood frame) so she withstood the nasty pummeling from the storm. You can read more about Lucy’s survival story here and here.

Slightly less uplifting is the fact that the infamous MTV Jersey Shore house also survived the storm.

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Yes, Snooki and the gang can sleep easier knowing that the filming location in Seaside Heights is still standing but did suffer some damage. You can read more here and here.

Another reality show house that survived (with damage) is Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga’s house – see here for all the details.

The Long Island home of Dinah Lohan (mother of Lindsay Lohan) was also seriously affected; and UFC fighter Chris Weidman’s home in Long Island was a total loss.

I’m still trying to find out how the real life Amityville Horror house fared since it is located right in one of the most devastated areas of New York (Amityville is a waterfront neighborhood located on the south shore of Long Island).

***Update: 11/20/2012 – a reader named Camille sent me the following information about her neighborhood in Amityville:

Hi Sarah
Just wanted to give you an update on the Amityville (horror house). We don’t acknowledge it in that way because the true horror for the town was what really happened in the house and to the family.
ANYWAY…I was there yesterday and it was sureal to see the destruction the storm surge created. That house apparently had water in the house , because there were rolls of carpet and padding at the curb along with other things, but I think because they are farther up the creek and don’t have a canal across the street, they made out a little better than those of us with water on both sides.
Most of the houses in our neighborhood (by the yacht club) are not habitable as they were flooded with sea water. We were the hardest hit, as far as I could see, as we were completely leveled. Others had everything from their home out at the curb.

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Of course an unknown number of non-famous houses have been lost or damaged beyond repair by the storm, and we will never hear about many of these on the news. There’s just so many…

image from: (photo by: MICHELLE MCLOUGHLIN/REUTERS)

It is completely overwhelming right now. But stay strong my friends. Human beings are remarkably resilient creatures.

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[The American Red Cross is asking for cash donations to meet the immediate needs of those in crisis from the storm. You can donate here:]


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