Horse Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of our series on the horse. Since there is so much more to learn about this animal, here are few more tidbits of information.

Number Eight: Their Skeleton Is Smaller Than A Humans

In the human body, there are 206 bones. For a horse, the number is a bit smaller totaling 205. Just goes to show you that size does not matter.

Number Seven: They Communicate in Unique Ways

Like humans, horses use their ears and eyes to express their mood. They show their feelings through facial expressions too.

Number Six: Horse Whispering Is Real

The term horse whispering seems a bit mysterious, but it is really a series of training techniques for horses. Those who train their horses well eventually begin to pick up on their horses’ moods and can read them extremely well, leading to the two to communicate through facial expressions instead of words.

Number Five: There Is Only One Wild Horse Species Alive Today

Before the majority of the earth was settled, wild horses roamed in many areas. Throughout time, however, these groups and species have disappeared. We now only have one true wild horse species left, and that is the Przewalski.

Number Four: Horses Look Out For Each Other

Looking at groups of cows or other herds of animals, many mimic each other and will lie down if others are doing it. This is rare for horses since one will always act as a lookout for the others.

Number Three: They Have Problem Solving Skills

The television show Mr. Ed did a very good job at showing off the skills of a horse since the majority of the things Mr. Ed could do any horse could too. They have the ability to solve cognitive challenges and concept formation problems.

Number Two: Like Dogs, A Horse Can Be Used For Therapy

For mental or physical health issues, sometimes the best thing to do is do something active. Equine assisted therapy can be used to build communication and self-confidence skills for patients. The relationship built between a patient and animal can also be a very strong bond and can possibly help in other aspects of the patient’s life.

Number One: They Have Sharp Memories

Don’t tell an elephant this, but horses actually have better memories. Their bond with humans lasts even after longs separations and they can maintain relationships with several members of their family. Thanks so much for reading our series on the horse, we hope you enjoyed reading it!

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