Home Depot: 6 Things Shoppers Need to Know




Home Depot has become a national destination for all do-it-yourself and home improvement needs. As one of the biggest retailers, or even companies, in the United States, we are all pretty familiar with the beloved shopping center. Even still, we bet we can still dish out some information that might surprise you!

Number Six: They Are On Top

The Home Depot has earned its place as one of the biggest companies in America, and its rank on the Fortune 500 list proves it. This top home improvement retailer has spread to all states across the nation and has done it at faster rates than even Target or Walmart. Even in terms of their online construction, Home Depot comes out first on the market with 120 million site visits annually. Needless to say, this store is a force to be reckoned with.

Number Five: Employer of Greatness

Oddly enough, this store may have won more Olympic medals than you originally thought. Out of any company across the globe, more of Home Depot’s employees have gone on to be Olympic champions than any other employer. You also probably saw them sponsoring NASCAR racer Tony Stewart’s racecar. They are big on sports.

Number Four: The Fun Part of Home Depot

This store isn’t only about the home improvement and construction essentials; they have also been known to stock some pretty neat finds. You will have to know where to look, but you can actually find products like a brownie maker, a potty training set, tacky pink yard flamingos, or even an instant jerky gun.

Number Three: Home to…Horror Scenes?

In California, store shoppers were forced to encounter a sight straight out of a horror movie. One man walked into a store, went straight to the saw aisle and began to saw off his own arm. Police soon arrived and saved the man’s life with first aid care, and believed the man was on drugs. This store isn’t for the faint of heart, folks.

Number Two: They Give Back

This store has earned an impressive amount of praise for their philanthropic work. They have given over $200 million among their charities, which include the Habitat for Humanity, KaBOOM!, and Hope National Medical Center.

Number One: A Green Company

Though they prefer to wear orange, the company is renowned for its efforts towards becoming a green company. They have earned an “environmentally safe” label for a total of 3,000 products and they promote the practice of recycling and using clean energy. Though they have received a bit of criticism for avoiding the lumber topic, they have planned to spend as much as $100 million in planted trees and green-friendly homes. We hope you enjoyed discovering the six things that shoppers should know about Home Depot!

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