Hollister: 7 Facts You Need to Know About the Brand




As all 2000s middle schoolers know, Hollister was the thing to wear in middle school. While some of our fashion tastes have changed, the brand continues to outfit middle schoolers, high schoolers, and more throughout the years. Here are seven facts you never knew about the brand you used to (or still do!) love.

Number Seven: Interviews Are Short And Personality-Based

Interviews are a bit unorthodox at this brand in comparison to other clothing stores. They tend to have group interviews and ask for a fun fact about yourself, how your friends would describe you, and three words to describe Hollister with. That’s it.

Number Six: The Backstory Of Hollister Was Entirely Fabricated

There’s a whole story about John M. Hollister and his son John Jr. and the store they founded in California. However, you’ll be surprised to learn it’s all fake. Yup, that’s right. The heads of the company made it up to help sell clothes.

Number Five: Hollister Was Created To Be A Cheaper Alternative To A&F

In an effort to hold onto all customers regardless of whether they can afford Abercrombie and Fitch’s well-known expensive price tags, the parent company created Hollister. Originally, the company made the prices lower and more affordable at the surf-style shop.

Number Four: There Is Actually A Thing Called Room Spray

“Room Spray” is the reason you, your clothing, and hair always reeked of Hollister after stepping in the store for a few minutes. These sprays get blanketed across the store and some stores even get their very own unique store fragrance.

Number Three: Girls Are Called Bettys And Boys Are Called Dudes

As a part of their Cali-inspired theme, the girls’ clothing section is lovingly referred to as “Bettys” and the boys is called “Dudes.” It really brings home that tubular vibe they’re going for, doesn’t it?

Number Two: Hollister Stores Are The Coolest Shops In Any Mall

Unlike most major clothing stores, shopping at Hollister really is an immersive experience. Each store is handcrafted to resemble a California surf shack complete with surfboards, sand, palm trees, boardwalks, and nautical accents. You won’t find another shop like it in any mall.

Number One: You’ll Find a Living Room In Each Store

As a part of their redesign, each store now has a “living room” or lounge area where you’ll find plush leather seats to relax in and also shares space with the Hollister “Jean Lounge” where you can find all the ripped jeans you’ll ever need. Hollister is an interesting brand that delves deep to truly give you that California experience when you shop. Check out a local store near you and experience some adolescent nostalgia for the good old days.

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