Hard Rock Cafe: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




The Hard Rock Cafe is iconic for its association with the best musicians in the world. Here are more facts about the restaurant that most people don’t know.

Number Eight: The T-Shirts Were an Accident

One of the things that the Hard Rock Cafe is known for are its t-shirts. The shirts themselves was the restaurant sponsoring a local soccer team. People started wearing them and they are now on demand.

Number Seven: The Hard Rock Cafe Made a Lot of Pins

If you have seen a Hard Rock Cafe pin, it’ll probably not be the last one you see. The restaurant has produced a lot of pins: almost 45,00 exist in total!

Number Six: One Waitress Has Worked There From The Beginning

From the date that the first Hard Rock Cafe was opened there has been one waitress that has never left. Her name is Rita Gilligan and she was hired immediately for her bold personality.

Number Five: They Don’t Have Regulars

Despite being one of the most famous restaurants in the world, they don’t get regular customers. Instead, it seems as if they get a lot of tourists who want to take a look.

Number Four: The Tax Day Special is a Thing

If you go to the on tax day, you can get a free meal. However, there’s a catch: people who are wanting to get the deal must also sing their way in front of the entire restaurant.

Number Three: Paul McCartney Has Been There Many Times

Paul McCartney has been to the Hard Rock cafe many times. In fact, he did the first live show that the cafe had to offer. It must have been amazing to have eaten there on that night.

Number Two: The Founders Came From Wealthy Families

Tigrett and Morton who opened the cafe for the first time both came from rich families. This is probably how, at 22, they were able to open this awesome restaurant.

Number One: There’s a Cafe Where?

The Hard Rock Cafe has some strange locations where they’ve opened shop. However, what is probably the strangest one is Bali. That probably seems out of place in such a beautiful tropic land such as that country.

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