Hard Rock Cafe: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)




The Hard Rock Cafe is one of the most famous restaurants in the world. Many famous celebrities have flocked to it over the years. Here are some facts about the chain that you probably didn’t know. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: Hard Rock Cafe Now Has a Take-Out Service

Hard Rock Cafe is known for their in-house service, but that’s not all they have. They also have a take-out service for people who want to eat their delicious food at home.

Number Fourteen: Even Royalty Loves Hard Rock Cafe

The cafe itself is loved by many, but people may be surprised to know of someone who adores it as well. Prince Harry is a huge fan of the cafe and has been seen a number of times visiting the annual Hard Rock Calling Festival.

Number Thirteen: Rock and Rolls Royce

Well, in a way. The original Hard Rock Cafe located in London was actually first used as a showroom for Rolls Royce. The building itself is a two story one, which would have made it an interesting location for this car company.

Number Twelve: There Were No Young Servers

When Hard Rock Cafe was first formed all those years ago, the owners purposefully refused to hire young people. They wanted the atmosphere to mirror an American greasy spoon.

Number Eleven: They Went Vegan For a Second

In the mid-90s, Hard Rock Cafe held a benefit for PETA. For the entire day, everything they served was vegan. Perhaps they will try to hold another one for the future?

Number Ten: There’s a Song About It

Musician Carole King wrote a song titled Hard Rock Cafe. This was her way to express how much she liked the restaurant.

Number Nine: It’s Native American-Owned Now

The Seminoles, which is a Native American tribe, now owns the entire chain. They first only owned a couple of locations, but then bought it out for almost 1 billion dollars in 2006. There are quite a few more things that most people don’t know about this famous restaurant chain. Stay tuned for part two, coming very soon!

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