Gwyneth Paltrow: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Steven Meisel (1991)
Steven Meisel (1991)

Gwyneth Paltrow is both one of the best-paid actresses in Hollywood, and one of the most polarizing. Love her or hate her. Here are some facts you may not know about the actress! Stay tuned for part two, coming soon.

Number Fifteen: She Lived in Spain

Paltrow loves Spain. She spent some time in the European country to learn Spanish while in her teen years. She is still very close to her Spanish “adoptive parents”, from Talavera de la Reina, and she even participated in the reality series Spain… on the Road Again in 2008, where she traveled around the country trying different regional foods.

Number Fourteen: She’s Close to Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is godfather to Gwyneth Paltrow (and Drew Barrymore) and good friends with her family. They used to spend Thanksgiving together every year in Spielberg’s beach house in The Hamptons. Fun fact: Gwyneth auditioned for the role of Rose in Titanic, but she turned it down. Kate Winslet took her place instead.

Number Thirteen: She Went Into a 70 Hour Labor

Gwyneth delivered her first baby, Apple, one year after getting married to Chris Martin, in 2004. She decided to deliver her naturally, a decision she would later regret as she ended up in labor for over 70 hours before finally giving birth to her child. The actress decided to deliver her second child, Moses, via Caesarean Section two years later out of fear of going through another long, painful labor.

Number Twelve: She Only Hires Foreign Nannies

Being a polyglot herself, Paltrow wants her kids to become fluent languages other than English as well. That’s why her nannies are always from overseas. So far, her kids have managed to learn some French and Spanish, the same languages their mom is fluent in.

Number Eleven: She’s Good Friends with Beyoncé

Both ladies first met in a charity even in the early ‘00s and they just hit it off right away. Gwyneth and then-husband Chris Martin were some of the few guests at Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s highly private wedding ceremony. “My best famous friend is Cameron Diaz. Jay and Beyoncé are my others.”

Number Ten: Her Mom Got Her into Acting

Her mother, Blythe Danner, is a Tony and Emmy-award winner most famous for her role in Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers. Blythe took her daughter to a stage production in Massachusetts’s Berkshire Mountains, where she would be performing as a summer stock. Gwyneth debuted on the same stage at 5 years old. 26 years later, they both acted together as mother and daughter in Sylvia

Number Nine: Gwyneth Paltrow Is a Writer

Paltrow launched her own online weekly publication in 2008, Goop, where she offers lifestyle and fashion advice. She also co-wrote the book Spain… A Culinary Road Trip on the same year. Based on its success, she moved on to write and publish four more books, all about food and lifestyle.

Number Eight: She Was Directed by Her Dad

Bruce Paltrow, who passed away in 2002, was a Hollywood director and producer. He directed his own daughter in his film Duets in 2000; a road-trip comedy about a professional karaoke singer and his daughter. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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