GTA 5: Top 10 Unbelievable Easter Eggs You’ve Never Seen



Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA 5 as it’s affectionately known, is one of the most popular and well-known video games in the world. However, even if you play the game religiously, there are some hidden easter eggs in the game you definitely (probably) didn’t know about. Here, we present a list of the top 10 unbelievable easter eggs in GTA 5. Check them out for yourself below!

Number Ten: Get a Glimpse of a Whale Skeleton

Some of the coolest easter eggs in the game have to do with ghosts and the paranormal. You can take a look at the skeleton of a giant sea monster off of the west coast of San Andreas, just south of Chumash. Take a swim, and you’ll see a large whale skeleton that you can explore. Creepy!

Number Nine: Bigfoot

During the Predator mission, you can catch a glimpse of Bigfoot if you look carefully. From the helicopter’s vantage point, switch to your IR scope and look behind the trees. You’ll see him! Another interesting tidbit – once you finish the game, you can go on a mission to hunt Bigfoot down.

Number Eight: Playboy Mansion Replica

There’s a mansion in GTA 5 that is almost a complete replica of the Playboy mansion. To see the mansion, go to the Vinewood hills and explore. It even features topless women and crazy parties at night!

Number Seven: Mount Chiliad’s Face

One of the creepiest easter eggs in the game is a face you can see in Mount Chiliad. It’s not clear whose face it is (possibly one of the developers’), but it’s creepy nonetheless. You can find the face on the north slope of the mountain.

Number Six: The Vinewood Zombie

Yes, you can go meet a zombie in Vinewood. Near the cinema, you can find him occasionally on the corner. What’s great is that the zombie won’t come after you – he’s actually nice!

Number Five: Infinite 8 Graffiti

The Infinite 8 serial killer left behind some graffiti in San Andreas that you can scope out in GTA 5. The graffiti hints at where the bodies of his victims can be found. Look for the graffiti in the prison.

Number Four: Map With Hidden Messages

The Trevor Phillips Enterprises Blueprint Map features some hidden messages if you look at it in the right way. Shine a black light on the map, and you’ll see lots of amazing hidden information.

Number Three: No Country for Old Men in GTA 5

You can watch an iconic scene from No Country for Old Men if you’re in the right place at the right time. Go to the western base of Mount Chiliad, and you’ll notice some dead gang members and a couple survivors. If you kill all the survivors, you’ll be able to take a briefcase that contains $25,000.

Number Two: Lost Hatch

Calling all Lost fans – this one’s for you! You can find the infamous hatch from the series on the east side of the island underwater. The hatch is nearly parallel with the dart game featured in Sandy Shores.

Number One: UFOs

Finally, the coolest easter egg in GTA 5 has to be the UFOs you can find if you beat the game. Once you complete the game, you’ll be able to find three separate UFOs: one above Sandy Shores, one above Fort Zancudo, and one above Mount Chiliad. However, the UFO above Mount Chiliad can only be seen while it’s storming. Happy gaming!

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