GTA 5: 107 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 8)



We blew your mind with the first set of 63 amazing facts we showed you about GTA 5 in parts one through seven, and now we have finally returned with part eight! Grand Theft Auto is becoming arguably the greatest video game of all time, and we have all the juicy details just for you! Read on to discover our next set of nine facts! Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts nine through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 35 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

Number Forty-Four: The Best Selfies

The most beneficial aspect of the Snapmatic feature is using it during the cut scenes. Luckily, the app can still be used during these times, and can effectively document game status that is truly brag-worthy.

Number Forty-Three: Character Profiles

Each character comes with their very own backstories, and their own personal issues as well. If you visit the virtual dating app within the game, you can see an interesting appearance by Michael’s wife, Amanda.

Number Forty-Two: Impressive Horizons on GTA 5

The video game masterminds behind GTA 5 have given thought to every intricate detail of the game. One aspect they have received impressive amounts of adoration for is the feat of creating a seemingly endless view of the horizon.

Number Forty-One: The Taxi Game

Since the game first hit the shelves, dedicated (and bored) players have created a game of luring taxis into hazardous conditions. It seems like this “game” might get old after a while, but the situations end in a different way every time. Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes in ends in a catastrophic demise.

Number Forty: The Whiskey Game

Though the fifth edition of this game has introduced quite a few interesting new experiences, some of the classics have since been forgotten. For example, in previous editions, getting drunk off of whiskey in the character’s home would result in a one-on-one fight with the character’s clone. However, this feature has been removed from GTA 5.

Number Thirty-Nine: The Police Get Their Man

Sometimes, the dialogue scenes can become rather uneventful. If you want to make them more interesting, try reaching a wanted status with the police before the sequence. Sometimes, armed officials will swoop into the scenes and kill your character.

Number Thirty-Eight: GTA Online

If you feel like becoming a GTA star in an online community, take up the hobby of performing amazing stunts with the various array of motor vehicles. There are a number of websites completely dedicated to the amazing feats that can be performed in the game, such as hopping over building roofs on a motorcycle.

Number Thirty-Seven: Unmapped Territory

Throughout the series of GTA games, a bus system and other forms of transportation have been made available to players. However, a map of the systems was never created by the game makers. In frustration with this issue, one GTA fanatic with a lot of time on their hands mapped out the system and it’s available for player use online.

Number Thirty-Six: Unprepared Drive-Bys

In GTA, one of the most exciting interactions available to players in committing a drive-by shooting. However, if this is attempted while the character is unarmed, he will simply stick his middle finger out the window instead. If this is done, sometimes it will result in an attack from non-player characters. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts nine through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 35 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

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