GTA 5: 107 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 7)



We blew your mind with the first set of 54 amazing facts we showed you about GTA 5 in parts one through six, and now we have finally returned with part seven! Grand Theft Auto is becoming arguably the greatest video game of all time, and we have all the juicy details just for you! Read on to discover our next set of nine facts! Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts eight through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 44 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

Number Fifty-Three: The Desert People

If you make your way out to the expanse of desert lands, you can find another unique hippie commune. The commune is based on an area of land completely covered in alien-related graffiti. If you look closely, the land features phrases like “beam me up” and “save us”.

Number Fifty-Two: The Foreshadow

If playing as Michael, the hippie commune covered in alien-related graffiti is considered to be a hint of foreshadowing. The character will take park in consuming an anesthetic known as ketamine, after which he experiences an alien encounter.

Number Fifty-One: Other Appearances

Throughout the story of the game, these same aliens can be encountered in various locations. One of which features the species frozen in ice as early as the prologue mission.

Number Fifty: The Winning Discovery

When the game is finally completed to the maximum extent, the species has deemed you worthy of alien knowledge. After this accomplishment, UFO will fly throughout the skies of San Andreas.

Number Forty-Nine: There’s an App for GTA 5

One of the first video games to embrace the concept of going mobile, Rockstar Game Studios also released a mobile app at the time of the game’s release. Called iFruit, the app allows players to customize aspects of the game when they cannot devote their time to playing the game.

Number Forty-Eight: Mobile Capabilities

Among the options available for customization with the app is the training of Chop, Franklin’s dog. Once he is trained using the mobile app, he will no longer make his mark, so to speak, in the character’s house in the game.

Number Forty-Seven: The Snap Watch

After the introduction of the controversial Apple Watch, the GTA game makers decided to hop on the technological boat. A feature was added to the game in which characters could be customized with the addition of the Snap Watch, which offered similar features to the Apple creation.

Number Forty-Six: Connectivity Issues

While playing the game, it isn’t hard to realize that the game makers have harsh criticism of the advances of technology and social media connectivity. Despite having intense predilections against Facebook, the game features complete access to the social media site through the game.

Number Forty-Five: Getting Connected

The hypocrisy against social media reaches a whole new level when you discover an app called Snapmatic, available on the phones of the game’s protagonists. The in-game app resembles Instagram and allows characters to take pictures and selfies to share with the online community of GTA. However, selfies cannot be taken while making a barrel roll in a plane. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts eight through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 44 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

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