GTA 5: 107 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 5)



We blew your mind with the first set of 36 amazing facts we showed you about GTA 5 in parts one through four, and now we have finally returned with part five! Grand Theft Auto is becoming arguably the greatest video game of all time, and we have all the juicy details just for you! Read on to discover our next set of nine facts! Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts six through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 62 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

Number Seventy-One: Hallucinogenic Appearances

If you really want to experience some interesting encounters in your GTA playing, try opting for the enhanced version of the game. In this edition, players are given the option to eat a peyote cactus. When consumed, the player will take the form of an animal in a hallucinogenic state.

Number Seventy: Leading the Life

When you aren’t creating chaos within the city, players have the option to take part in everyday hobbies to pass the time. Among the activity options are flight school, yoga, attending strip clubs, or hunting.

Number Sixty-Nine: The Cost of Alternative Lifestyles

Just like in the real world, partaking in these lifestyles may cost your character a pretty penny. These activities are usually unlocked by purchasing select real estate, such as the $150 million golf course.

Number Sixty-Eight: The Car Details

The fifth edition of the GTA series has created the most accurate and detailed vehicles available in any of their games. The interiors of the cars include player-steering, complete with moving wheel, as well as accurate speedometers.

Number Sixty-Seven: Music Options

While driving, the game makers have even allowed players an extensive list of options for listening to music. Cars come equipped with 16 different listening stations, complete with over 250 actual songs.

Number Sixty-Six: Additional Listening

In addition to the extensive variety of music options, the game also includes two options for top-rated music. These two stations can keep you entertained for a whopping nine and a half hours.

Number Sixty-Five: Still More Music Options

Furthering the listening options for players, the game offers non-licensed songs created specifically for the game. The run time for this variety of music is estimated to be equal to roughly 20 full-length movies.

Number Sixty-Four: Creating the GTA 5 Score

To create music scores in this volume, it takes quite a large sum of dedicated time. To accomplish the recording for about 67 hours, it took the game makers about eight whole months of recording work.

Number Sixty-Three: Paving the Way for Future Games

In all of the previous editions of the GTA series, no musical scores were created solely for the use of the game. GTA 5 was the first of the line to do this. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts six through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 62 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

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