GTA 5: 107 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 4)



We blew your mind with the first set of 27 amazing facts we showed you about GTA 5 in parts one through three, and now we have finally returned with part four! Grand Theft Auto is becoming arguably the greatest video game of all time, and we have all the juicy details just for you! Read on to discover our next set of nine facts! Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts five through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 71 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

Number Eighty: Hospital Visits

Throughout the series of GTA games, a player will experience a short trip to the hospital when they get wasted. However, in GTA 5, this occurrence will take place with non-player characters as well.

Number Seventy-Nine: The Intense Script

Creating the script for a best-selling game requires an extensive amount of work and paper. The full script for GTA 5 fills more than 10,000 pages.

Number Seventy-Eight: The Final Mission of GTA 5

If you really pay attention when playing video games, you’re likely to discover quite a few interesting facts throughout the game. For example, the fact that the final mission in the game takes place as early as November 2013.

Number Seventy-Seven: Product Placement

Within the game, many hidden corporate jokes are established with the names of brands or companies mentioned or observed. Some of the most notable brand names are Pibwasser Pilsner beer, ProLaps women’s sports attire, and Speedophile boats.

Number Seventy-Six: The Smoker’s Curse

In another effort to add a realistic touch to the game, players are given the option to allow their characters to smoke. Doing this, however, will, in turn, produce a negative effect on their health.

Number Seventy-Five: Choosing Your Player

When choosing your protagonist, each player comes with their own talents and faults. For example, Franklin isn’t exactly the greatest tennis player of the group; in fact, he’s the only one completely inept at the sport. However, he is the only character of the bunch that can effectively pick a lock.

Number Seventy-Four: Angering the Protagonists

When playing as a particular character in the game, you may notice that the other protagonists can be seen wreaking havoc along the streets as well. Be careful if you intend to see what they are up to, though, because if you stalk their activity for too long, they will send you to the hospital. If Trevor notices you following him around, he will even head-butt you out cold.

Number Seventy-Three: Series Flash Back

If you haven’t yet noticed, the character of Franklin has a striking resemblance to the main man from GTA 4, Carl Johnson. Both are from San Andres and have the same race, aspirations, and even age.

Number Seventy-Two: The Real Similarities

In reality, these two characters have more in common than you would originally suspect. For example, some genetic similarities. The two men responsible for the voices of these characters are actually real-life cousins. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts five through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 71 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

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