GTA 5: 107 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We blew your mind with the first set of nine amazing facts we showed you about GTA 5 in part one, and now we have finally returned with part two! Grand Theft Auto is becoming arguably the greatest video game of all time, and we have all the juicy details just for you! Read on to discover our next set of nine facts! Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts three through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 89 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

Number Ninety-Eight: Death Count in GTA 5

Within the storyline of GTA 5, quite a number of the game’s main characters are killed off in order to increase dramatic effect. In total, as many as 37 named characters are murdered.

Number Ninety-Seven: A Larger Death Count

In addition to the 37 aforementioned deaths essential to completing the storyline, there are optional kills in the game as well. By choice, players may alter their progress by killing an additional 30 named characters. However, many more deaths may be possible as well, when considering the inconsequential pedestrian deaths.

Number Ninety-Six: A Cost for Success

It is a good thing that it only took roughly three days for the game to rack up a grand total of $1 billion in profits because their revenue was soon in danger. Since the release of the game, GTA 5 has produced roughly the same amount in lawsuits.

Number Ninety-Five: Lawsuit Feuds

Many of the lawsuits encountered by the game makers are actually sourced from Jack Thompson. This man has pursued an extensive feud with the Rockstar game company. He continues to stand his ground, defending his actions by stating the games have influenced a wide number of violent crimes throughout the nation.

Number Ninety-Four: Thompson’s Stance

Though many critics and Rockstar Studios disagree with his stance, Thompson is holding his stakes. The man has claimed that this game is a huge threat, and has been quoted to express that this game is “the gravest assault on children in this country since polio.”

Number Ninety-Three: More Legal Battles

Besides being at the butt-end of an increasing number of lawsuits, Rockstar Game Studios is responsible for starting a handful of legal battles themselves. One example is the legal action currently being taken against BBC for their production of a 90-minute film that focuses on the feud between Rockstar and Jack Thompson.

Number Ninety-Two: The Lohan Lawsuit

Jack Thompson isn’t the only disapproving figure filing suit against the studio. Lindsay Lohan has also been reported to take action against the company, after creating a character rumored to be based on her image. The game personality, Lacey Jonas, is described as an anorexic actress seeking to get away from the paparazzi.

Number Ninety-One: More Trouble with Lohan

Lindsay has also claimed another event of disrespect towards her image from the studio. In an additional lawsuit, Lohan is suing for use of her likeness in artwork used for promotional purposes for the game.

Number Ninety: The Ridiculous Part

In consideration of these Lohan lawsuits, the most outlandish aspects of her case are sourced from the evidence of her claim. In the alleged promotional artwork which she claims to be based on her image, the woman in question is seen sporting a peace sign. She reports that this girl is meant to be her, as she has been using the peace sign in photos for years before the artwork’s release. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our parts three through 12 articles, coming soon with the remaining top 89 mind-blowing facts about GTA 5!

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