Great book on old houses!



I just finished reading the most amazing book!

It was about old houses and it was titled: Old Houses

Go figure.

Actually, the complete title is: Old Houses – A National Trust for Historic Preservation Book

This large coffee-table style book is beautifully written by someone who is clearly versed in old houses. The photography is absolutely stunning.

But you probably won’t find this book at a bookstore near you. Or as a download, or e-book.

It was actually published in hardcover in 1991 (paperback edition in 1995). Hence, it is a little dated. But since it profiled surviving antique houses in the early 1990’s, we get a glimpse of places that are probably no longer around.

The whole theme of the book was to capture – in photography and story – these magnificent old homes that had not been renovated or restored – only preserved (be it through neglect, poverty, or indifference).

The vivid color photographs record images of ghostly silent, dusty rooms – some that had literally not been touched for 100 years. It is really quite remarkable.

I was directed to this book by; both new and used versions are available there for purchase.

I’d recommend this book to any of you who are preservation-minded house-purists, or to anyone who just likes to ogle at old, old houses.

The photography is by Steve Gross & Susan Daley. The eloquent text is by Henry Wiencek.

If you enjoy the vintage appearance of very old houses that have been untouched by modern influences (very rare!), then get your hands on this overlooked masterpiece.

I absolutely savored it.

God bless the National Trust for Historic Preservation for this gem-of-a-book!

ps. in no way am I getting paid to push products! I just really enjoyed this book and wanted to share it with you.

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