GoPro: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of our list of 15 things you didn’t know about GoPro, and now we’re back with part two! GoPro has changed and shaped the modern action camera industry. Keep reading to find out seven more little-known facts about the million-making business!

Number Seven: Best Unintentional Video Ever

A skydiver dropped his GoPro camera from a plane in 2014 and unintentionally created the best, funniest short film of the decade. This is Oscar-worthy material!

Number Six: Future Drone Cameras

GoPro, which has seen a drop in sales in the last two years, is going to release a drone digital camera to capture 8K resolution videos. ‘GoPro Karma’ will be launched sometime later this year.

Number Five: Woodman Was the Highest Paid CEO for a Brief Time

GoPro’s creator became the best-paid U.S. executive, thanks to his camera business. However, he recently dropped from the billionaire list going from a $3.3 billion net worth in 2014 to a current $995 million net worth.

Number Four: A GoPro Seagull Production

A cheeky seagull stole a camera from a couple of tourists atop a lighthouse in Spain’s Islas Cíes and accidentally shot the most superb aerial video of the gorgeous landscape. The German visitors got their camera back and were impressed by the footage.

Number Three: Woodman Modelled for GoPro Ads

Woodman said his company was profitable from day one, but not profitable enough to hire models for their ads. Instead, he saved money by modelling himself for GoPro’s early packaging.

Number Two: It Once Had Just Eight Employees

Four years after its establishment, and despite its increasing success, GoPro only had eight employees. As of September 2015, GoPro had 1,460 employees.

Number One: Daily Giveaway

GoPro’s executives love having their customers engaged, and they do whatever they can to keep them happy. For 5 years, GoPro offered a daily giveaway, in which more than 1500 cameras and over $4 million in equipment were awarded to some lucky winners. The giveaway was terminated in March 2015 due to a financial shortage, but some exceptional competitions are still carried out on their webpage. We hope you enjoyed our list. Stay tuned for new interesting tech articles!

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