Google+: Top 11 Dos and Don’ts



Google+ has been deemed as essential for business by nearly 50% of companies since its inception. It has gathered 500 million registered users and is the second largest social network at the moment. As a business, it is imperative for you to have a page on Google+. It will connect you with your customers no matter where they are looking for you. Be it search, maps, Google+ itself or mobile devices. In this article, we will share the top 11 dos and don’ts on google+ so you can utilize it in the best possible way.

Number Eleven: Do Work On Boosting Your SEO

Share your website URL in Google+ local listing to up your SEO ranking. This is imperative when people search for you on any search engine and not only Google.

Number Ten: Do Build communities on Google+

Join and participate in active communities and build strong relationships with fans and customers. Be sure to stay engaged too and do not just let them be.

Number Nine: Use those circles

Take advantage of circles to segment stakeholders. They are there for the very purpose of compartmentalizing your friends and other acquaintances.

Number Eight: Use the +1 buttons

Incorporate Google+ in other webpages through the +1 buttons. Spread them around wherever you can especially through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Number Seven: Do not assume you will be verified automatically

Assume that your page is automatically verified by Google. Verify as soon as you can to protect your credibility.

Number Six: Do not blow your own horn

Have employees recommend your company or linking the page. Let the outsiders do the talking with +1s.

Number Five: Do not post text heavy stuff

Do not post text-heavy content which is more of a sales pitch. Add something that adds value to a reader’s life.

Number Four: Do not make it a selling tool

Running promotions or contests directly through Google+ is not a good idea. It is illegal. You can advertise them and lead the users to an external link, but you cannot have the promotion happening within your page.

Number Three: Do not ignore positive feedback

If someone said something about you or your post, you should +1 it. It means you like it, acknowledged it or appreciate it.

Number Two: Do not link drop

You may end up making your profile or page look like spam when you fill it with too many links. No wonder such posts get zero engagement.

Number One: Do not include your community posts in your profile posts

Again, this act will cause sharing and re-sharing to other communities. You will only look like a spammer.

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