Google Search: Top 10 Advanced Tricks and Tips



Google Search is a crucial tool in our day to day life. We use it for everything, from finding restaurants near us to calculating distances. But are you really using it to its full potential? Check out these highly useful little-known tricks to become a pro-Google Searcher!

Number Ten: How to Search for Specific Phrases

This might be the most universal and essential Google Search trick out there, and yet most people don’t ever use it. Simply use quotations marks to encompass a specific phrase or quote you want to search (e.g. “May the Force be with you”)!

Number Nine: Specify Variable Words on your Search

This trick will complement the previous one: when looking for terms inside quotation marks, add an asterisk to replace a word that may vary or which you simply don’t remember. You will get results with different versions of your quote, including different words for the asterisk (e.g. “May the * be with you”).

Number Eight: Eliminate Specific Words

Imagine you are looking for Santander (the coastal city in Northern Spain), but all you get are results about the bank. Simply add a minus sign to eliminate a word you don’t want to come up in your results. (E.g. Santander -bank.)

Number Seven: Search on Specific Websites

Google allows you to look up results in specific websites without actually leaving Google. If you want to see how many times we have mentioned Google on our website, use the search “google” on your browser!

Number Six: Define Words

Type “define” before your search to get an encyclopedic definition of your word (E.g. Define flammable). It even works with slang terms (e.g. “define hmu”).

Number Five: Play Atari on Google

This is more of a fun joke than an actual useful function. Type “Atari Breakout” on Google Images and see what happens!

Number Four: Reverse Google Search

If you want to find similar pictures or sizes of an image you already have, you can use Google Image’s reverse search. You can either upload/drag the picture or paste the URL into the browser, and you’ll get similar photographs!

Number Three: Search for a Range of Numbers

This trick is very useful when looking for price ranges or periods of time. Place two periods between the numbers you are trying to search, and you’ll only get results between those values (e.g. “Canon $100..$300”).

Number Two: Weather, Time, Sunrise and Sunset

Check the weather or current time in any city in the world by typing “weather” or “time” followed by your zip code/city name. If you want to find out what time the sunrise and sunset will take place, do the same, using the words “sunset” or “sunrise” instead (e.g. “Sunset 07030”).

Number One: Search for a Word in the Title, URL or Body

Use the qualifier “inurl:” to find results specifically in a webpage’s URL. Do the same for the page’s body of text and title by typing “intitle:” and “intext:” before the desired word. You are now all set to Google Search like a pro. We hope you found our list interesting!

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