Google Drive: 15 Tricks You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We recently learned that you can crop pictures, translate documents and review your activity history on Google Drive. We are back with seven more little known tricks to improve your Google Drive experience!

Number Seven: Use Google Drive to Draw

Drawing simple illustrations can be quite useful on Google Drive, especially if you need any sort of digital signature. Simply go on your document toolbar and then hit “new,” “more” and “drawings.” You’ll have several lines and color options to choose from. Have fun!

Number Six: Research

Particularly useful for students working on projects together, the “research” tool allows you to look for information without going on a different tab. Simply hit “tools” on your document and then go to “research.” A sidebar will pop up in the same document with the Google search bar. If you right click on the desired word on your document and hit “search,” you won’t have to manually type it out on the search bar.

Number Five: Optical Character Recognition

This is one of the most useful tools in Google Drive. It allows you to upload images or PDF files, which will be converted into basic, editable text documents.

Number Four: Music Player

For those of you who have a vast collection of songs, but not enough storage in your devices, Google Drive will save your day! Install this Chrome extension and you will be able to play your songs anytime, provided you have previously uploaded them on your Google Drive.

Number Three: Find Stock Pictures

Searching for the right free stock images to legally use for personal or commercial purposes can be a nightmare. Google Drive is trying to make the whole process a lot easier with an integrated stock image search tool. Click “Insert,” “Image” and then go on “Stock.” Just search for whatever you need to find.

Number Two: Encrypt Your Documents

You might be working on a project you want absolutely no one to know about. Fogpad is a free Chrome extension that will password-protect your Chrome documents.

Number One: PDFs Notes

Kami is an essential Chrome extension for Google Drive which allows users to annotate PDF documents. It also works for many other kinds of file extensions, including Doc, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint and Jpg. We hope you found our list useful, and thanks for reading!

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