Google Drive: 15 Tricks You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Google Drive is an essential service for file storage and document creating in the digital era, but there are many hidden little tricks that can most people don’t know about and can be extremely helpful. Today, we are reviewing 15 little known Google Drive tools that will help you improve your Google experience! Stay tuned for part two,  coming soon.

Number Fifteen: Crop Photos

Photo-cropping on documents or presentations is an actual tool available on Google drive. Apart from your usual square, you can also crop your pictures into different shapes, such as circles and hearts. As an added bonus, you can install the Pixlr extension on Google Chrome for endless photo-editing possibilities.

Number Fourteen: Add-Ons

Embrace Add-Ons! There are so many to choose from. For regular documents and spreadsheets, you can use EasyBib to create quick bibliographies, Tweet Curator to attach tweets to your documents, Hellofax to send and receive faxes, UberConference to add voice messages to collaborative documents and conversations, or Translate to translate your documents into whatever language you pick.

Number Thirteen: Check Google Drive Activity History

You can actually take a look at every changes members of a shared document have made into it. You can also check your revision history for up to 100 revisions.

Number Twelve: Use Documents Offline

If you need to open a spreadsheet (or any other type of document) but there’s no WiFi available, you can still do it. Any changes you do to your documents be applied once you re-connect to the internet.

Number Eleven: Shortcuts

If you want to take a look at all the shortcuts available on Google Drive, simply Ctrl + / (on Windows) or ⌘ + / (on MAC.) A list of these shortcuts will pop up on your screen! You can also check a list of every shortcut here.

Number Ten: Customize Priority Settings

Sometimes you’ll have a shared document with lots of people on it, but you won’t want everyone to have access to everything. You can actually customize who can see and do what in your Google Drive files.

Number Nine: Send Large Documents

Your best choice to send large amounts of images or videos will be through Google Drive—there’s no 25MB limit here. Simply click on the Drive icon when writing your email and attach your desires documents in it. The person will receive a link with a folder to download.

Number Eight: See How Many Times Your Document Has Been Revised

In case you wanted to see how many times your document has been edited, you have the option to do so. You’ll find the option under “file,” “revision history.” Stay tuned for part two, coming soon with new tricks!

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