Gnarly tree house in Colorado



There’s something about a tree house that makes me giddy.

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When I saw this funky tree house in Carbondale, Colorado, I may have squealed.

This is no ordinary tree house. It was designed and built by the Colorado architectural firm Green Line Architects – more specifically, by their “resident tree house expert” David Rasmussen.

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The tree house is built entirely from reclaimed timber, so it has earned the “tree” in its name despite the fact that it isn’t actually built into the trees. (None of the living trees on the property could have supported the weight of the tree house, so they had to improvise with log column posts instead.)

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No one actually resides full-time in the Crystal River Tree House – as it is locally known. Rather, it is just a fun hang-out spot for kids and impressionable adults.

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The tree house is insulated and has a wood stove for heat, so I suppose it could be used as a granny flat or something of that nature (if granny can handle all the stairs).

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This treehouse design was originally built as a 3D virtual model.  During the construction process, we hand-picked every gnarly, curvy piece of wood, and added detail as the construction evolved.

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(I love how the tiny breakfast bar is staged with place settings!)

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Fun, fun, FUN!

To read more about the Crystal River Tree House see here and also here.


Did you know? 

Over the last 150 years the average height of people in industrialized nations increased by 10 cm (4 in).

What does that have to do with houses? Well nothing really, other than we need to build our ceilings a little taller in anticipation of human evolution. I just got this ‘fun facts about the human body’ nugget in a real estate newsletter I received this week.

Anywho, another week, another technical crisis at House Crazy Sarah’s house.

Last week the refrigerator died (and I had to rush out and buy a new one but lost most of the food in the old fridge anyway because Sears couldn’t deliver the new one until the next day.)

This week my computer is on the fritz. Well it has been for a while but this week it has been horrendous. I’ve called all the free tech people I can think of and no one can figure out what’s wrong with it other than it’s old and probably loaded with viruses and I need a new one.

So my blog posts will be sporadic until I can stomach the fact that I need to either pay someone again to help me fix it, or buy a whole new computer. Which will be a while because last week I had to buy a new fridge.

When it rains, it pours.

But hey, at least I’m a little taller than my ancestors. (Because no one wants to be shorter than great-granny.)

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