GMC: 6 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know



1993 GMC Typhoon /
1993 GMC Typhoon /

The GMC automotive group has been transforming the modern driving technologies for years, and we have come to give you the full scoop! Though this automotive company isn’t the largest in the industry at the moment, it has sure earned some time in the spotlight. GMC has impressively grown in popularity in the recent years, and it’s time you found out why!

Number Six: Growing a Reputation

Since 2007, this popular car manufacturer has been climbing the ranks with their remarkable car sales. They are second in all of the North American car companies, behind Chevrolet, and they have more vehicles in total than Pontiac.

Number Five: General Motors Taking Over

The company was first cultivated in 1909 as the legendary General Motors began to take over the market. After they purchased the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and the Reliance Motor Car Company, a largely successful merger took place. Together, they released the GMC Truck in 1912.

Number Four: Mobilizing the Troops

In many instances, the military has looked to GMC to create reliable vehicles for the Armed Forces. In World War II, the company produced roughly 600,000 trucks for use of the U.S. Military. They were also once a popular manufacturer of motor homes, fire trucks, and ambulances.

Number Three: Starring in the Parade of Progress

The Parade of Progress became an American tradition in 1936, and GMC was one of the first companies to appear in the festivities. The parade was initiated in order to present the newest technological developments in a fun way for the citizens to enjoy, and GMC was bestowed with the honor of supplying the vehicles for the floats. They returned in the 1946 parade to grace the roads with their unique Futurliners.

Number Two: GMC Top Seller

Of all of the extensive lines of GMC’s vehicles, the best seller in the company’s history is the Sierra model. In 2011, sales for the Sierra knocked combined sales of the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan out of the park by about 40,000 vehicles.

Number One: Taking the Middle East

Although GMC is an American-based company, they have earned an exceptional reputation in the Middle East. Since their line of desert-oriented vehicles emerged in the 1930s, their popularity in the culture has only grown. They have even earned an endearing nickname in the region, as the “Jims.” We hope you enjoyed our list of the six things that you never knew about GMC!

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