Gluten: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Gluten is a hot topic in the food community. In times where there’s so much information out there, it’s best to learn as much about something as possible. Here are more facts about gluten that many people don’t know.

Number Eight: The Longer it Rises, the Less of it There Is

Those who may have a slight sensitivity to the stuff may be able to avoid it by cooking bread slower. This is because the slow cooking makes less gluten react, making it less of the final product. Factories make bread in the opposite manner, meaning that there’s more gluten than ever before.

Number Seven: People with Celiac Have it for Life

When someone is diagnosed as someone who has celiac disease, it can never be changed. This is because, as of yet, it is incurable.

Number Six: More People Are Sensitive to Gluten Than Ever Before

While the majority of people aren’t sensitive to gluten, there have been increased reports that there are more and more people with celiac’s disease, of at least people with an increased sensitivity to gluten. This is because people have been more exposed to gluten over the years of humans cultivating it more and more.

Number Five: It’s Not Just in Food

Gluten is used in more than just bread and other food products. Those with sensitivities to the stuff also have to avoid soaps, lotions, and shampoos that have it in them as well. There are even more products that can have it, such as lipstick, which don’t have to be avoided because they don’t really go into the body.

Number Four: Gluten-Free for All

In the last few years, it has been reported that gluten-free products have sold 68 percent more than they did beforehand, which is huge. It seems like companies are using marketing techniques as well to further help sales.

Number Three: Less Gluten Can’t Help Autistic People

Strangely enough, some people think there is a positive correlation between those with autism and gluten-free diets, but this is not the case. However, this may change with time.

Number Two: It Can Cause These Symptoms

For those with sensitivities who do not yet know they do, it is best to find out by looking at possible symptoms. Some symptoms include abdominal cramping, swelling, congestion, hives, or nausea.

Number One: Sensitivity Can Be Diagnosed by Your Blood

It’s a good thing that doctors don’t need to test out sensitivities through digestion, which can be really harmful if the person does have celiac disease. Instead, they can use a blood sample to find things out. Thanks for reading!

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