Global Warming: Top 9 Most Common Misconceptions



It’s 2016 and global warming is very much a real threat facing every species on this planet, as well as the planet itself. If you’re a non-believer, well you must not believe in science. Get educated by checking out the nine most common misconceptions about global warming below.

Number Nine: Global Warming Is A Natural Climate Change Cycle

Yes, it is true that the earth goes through natural periods of warmer and colder temperatures, but what the planet is currently experiencing is not one of those natural cycles. Actually, it’s the opposite since global warming is in large part due to humans.

Number Eight: It’s Not Caused By Humans

Yes, we are a direct cause of global warming whether you want to admit it or not. No amount of arguing will make this fact any less valid. We cannot continue to burn up fossil fuels and add unlimited amounts of CO2 to the air without disastrous effects.

Number Seven: Antarctica’s Ice Sheets Are Growing, Not Melting So Global Warming Can’t Be That Bad

While there have been very few sheets of ice that have increased in size, there is much more ice that is indeed melting. The overall amount of ice has steadily been decreasing in Antarctica, not increasing.

Number Six: Global Warming Is Good Since Winters Will Be Less Extreme

Actually, it’s the exact opposite. Although we will begin to experience warmer, more mild temperatures at some points throughout winter, global warming actually causes extreme weather like blizzards, hurricanes, and powerful storms to become more prevalent meaning winters will become more volatile and extreme.

Number Five: There’s Still Snow So It Can’t Be That Hot

No, just because there is still snow on the planet does not mean that global warming isn’t happening. Minor increases in global temperatures can have disastrous effects on numerous species, ecosystems, and weather patterns, but you will still be able to find snow. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned or try to do something about it.

Number Four: One Or Two Degrees Aren’t That Big Of A Deal

Actually, they are. A one to two-degree increase can result in thousands of gallons of water being added to ever-increasing sea levels from melting ice caps. This could cause California and a majority of Florida, among other states, to see their state lines drastically changed due to rising water levels.

Number Three: The Hole In The Ozone Is Causing Global Warming

While it’s definitely not helping, the hole in the ozone layer is related to climate change but certainly not causing it. The only thing the ozone layer allows is for more dangerous UV rays to reach us.

Number Two: One Person Won’t Make A Difference

One person can make all the difference! If everyone in the world agreed to make minor lifestyle changes to help combat climate change and global warming, we might be able to stop the planet from dying. All it takes is one person to inspire millions of others.

Number One: It’s Too Late To Do Anything About It

It’s not too late, yet. Although global warming is about to reach the point of no return, we still have time to do something about it. Together, we really can save the planet and the species lucky enough to call it home. Global warming is a very real threat. Send this list over to any of your non-believing friends to educate them on the biggest misconceptions when it comes to climate change. Thanks for reading!

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