Girls: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About HBO’s Hit Show (Part 2)



Girls is back for a fifth season – in fact, it just began episodes this month. So far it has not been as controversial and written-about as it was in past seasons, but maybe that’s just because viewers have become somewhat comfortable with its characters and situations. Whatever the case, we’ve got some more trivia for you here in part two.

Number Eight: Brian Williams Occasionally Drops By the Set to Watch His Daughter Act

It’s entertaining to imagine the news personality waltzing onto the set of Girls to watch his adult daughter work. Especially given the multitude of uncomfortable scenes she has had to act in.

Number Seven: The OCD Storyline in the Show Comes From a Real Place

Lena Dunham really has dealt with OCD in her life. She has written about it – among other things – in her memoir Not That Kind of Girl.

Number Six: The Show’s Creator Is a Millionaire – But Not Because of Girls

Creator Lena Dunham nabbed $3.7 million dollars in a book deal. Who would have guessed that television was just a path to the real richest of the publishing world?

Number Five: Jemima Kirke Wears Her Own Clothes as Jessa

Kirke was having trouble getting into character when the show first started filming. Apparently it came easier to her once she started using her own wardrobe.

Number Four: The University of Iowa Didn’t Allow Girls to Be Shot on its Property

The very well-respected writing program at the university admits Hannah (Lena Dunham) on the show. But the real-life university prevented the show from filming there.

Number Three: Judd Apatow’s Daughter Guest Stars on Season Four

Her name is Maude, and she has appeared in films like Knocked UpFunny People, and This is 40. It’s good to be the daughter of comedy royalty.

Number Two: Jemima Kirke Landed a Wedding Ad Thanks to the Show

Kirke isn’t a trained actress, but her work on Girls helped her land a 2013 Stone Fox Bride ad. It was for same-sex wedding dresses.

Number One: You Can Buy Hannah’s Wardrobe Online

Or some of it, anyway. The “Lena Denim Dress” sells for $64.99 on Modcloth. Thanks for reading!

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