Genghis Khan: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Genghis Khan was one of the most ruthless leaders in the history of mankind. We already brought you part one of this list of facts about him. Here is part two.

Number Eight: His DNA Exists Far and Wide

It’s been reported by scientists that many people in modern-day share DNA with Genghis Khan. In fact, as many as 1 in 200 men are said to be direct descendants of the leader.

Number Seven: Religious Tolerance

Unlike other conquerors, Khan was known for seeing the importance in freedom of religion. He embraced the differing beliefs of the territories he took over, even granting freedom from taxes to areas of worship.

Number Six: The Pyramid of Heads

When he conquered the Khwarezmian Empire, it’s been said that he employed a unique method of celebrating his victory. He had every person (even children) slain and placed all of the severed heads in a pyramid.

Number Five: We Don’t Know What He Looked Like

It’s difficult to find reliable records of exactly what this fearless leader looked like. There are rumors, however, that he was tall, robust, and had a long flowing mane of hair.

Number Four: No One Knows How Genghis Khan Died

Common sources claim that he died in the year 1227, but it’s unclear exactly how. Explanations vary widely, with some claiming that he died from falling off a horse while others state that he fell ill and died of malaria or an arrow in the knee.

Number Three: The Soviet Tried to Wipe Him Out

He’s now seen as a national hero and celebrated as the founder of Mongolia, but when the Soviet ruled in the 1900s, they attempted to wipe him from history to discourage Mongolian nationalism. His name and stories were erased from schoolbooks and people were banned from visiting the place of his birth, Khentii.

Number Two: Beauty Contests

The celebrations of Mongol victory featured captive girls being paraded in front of them. Khan would rate the women, choose his favorite, and leave the rest for his soldiers.

Number One: Brutal Execution Methods

Genghis was quite inventive with his ways of murdering people. At one time he even poured molten silver into someone’s ears and eyes to execute them. We hope you found part two of our list interesting and informative.

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