Gay Marriage: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 1)



Tammy Watson Photography
Tammy Watson Photography

Gay Marriage is finally legal across the United States, but there are still so many secrets about this joyous act that the majority of us remain oblivious to! To fill you in on everything that you don’t already know about this joining of hearts, we have finally compiled an extensive article for you! Read on to discover everything that everyone should learn about gay marriage, but don’t forget to come back for the reveal of the top eight things you should know in part two!

Number Fifteen: It Means the World to Them

Just like heterosexual couples, homosexual individuals have always dreamed of finalizing their love in a legalizing bond. Before the change in government stance on gay marriage, couples would often travel out of their state of residence simply to have the ceremony performed. Even if it were only symbolic, as it would not be legally recognized in their home state, as many as 84% of homosexual couples believe that it meant everything to be bound to each other for life.

Number Fourteen: So They Pay Out of Pocket

Unfortunately, it is too often that a child is cast out from his or her family from disapproving parents. Because of this trend with gay individuals, an estimated 67 Percent of engaged couples are stuck with paying for their wedding by themselves.

Number Thirteen: Wedding Destinations are Limited

Because it is difficult to find a church willing to host a same-sex marriage, as many as 92% of all gay couples host their wedding ceremonies on non-religious ground. This can be extremely devastating for religious individuals who have found love within their own gender, and are forced out of their dream wedding.

Number Twelve: Breaking the Rules

It is considered bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, but what is the superstition for same-sex marriage? They don’t really care, anyway. Of all of these couples, roughly 95% just get ready with each other.

Number Eleven: More Rule-Breaking

Upon the commencement of the ceremony, another problem is encountered: who walks down the aisle? In the ceremony of a lesbian couple, it is a simple matter of choice. However, the issue is much more difficult when there are two grooms. In 81% of gay couples, the grooms just walk down the aisle together, hand in hand.

Number Ten: Preparation for the Gay Marriage

As sad as it is, many same-sex couples have a mess of difficulties in finding vendors to service a gay marriage. To find companies willing to do the job, the usually just use specific Google searches, ask their friends, or explore gay wedding online directories.

Number Nine: Standing Out

Winning the (figurative) prize of most understanding country, the Netherlands were actually the first to introduce this concept legally. They created a law for same-sex marriage rights in 2001. Don’t forget to come back for the reveal of the top eight things you should know in part two!

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