Gareth Bale: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Footballer



Gareth Bale is one of the quickest, most exciting soccer players in the world. He has played in England’s Premier League and Spain’s La Liga – as well as for the Wales national team in international competition. Unfortunately, injuries have kept him off the pitch, but there’s plenty of interesting things to know about the star forward. Read more about the footballer below!

Number Seven: He Trademarked His Heart Celebration

Bale is known for celebrating goals by forming a heart with his hands. He celebration is dedicated to his longtime girlfriend Emma Rhys-Jones, who he has known since his high school days. But many may not know that he has actually trademarked the signature celebration.

Number Six: He Never Drinks Alcohol

This is not something you would expect from a footballer from anywhere in the British Isles. He has said that the reason for this isn’t because he doesn’t want to be drunk, but simply because he doesn’t like the taste of it.

Number Five: He Has Been Declared the Faster Player in the World

A study endorsed by FIFA and conducted by the Mexican club Pachuca. Incredibly, Gareth has been clocked at a ridiculous 23 miles per hour. Hard to believe, but as long as this study isn’t more evidence of FIFA’s corruption, it has to be true.

Number Four: His Transfer to Real Madrid Was the Most Expensive of All Time

When Bale moved from Tottenham to Real Madrid in 2013, it cost¬†¬£85 million. Fun fact: that’s more than the Indian Space Program’s Mars Mission that was launched that year.

Number Three: He is Obsessed with Spanish Ham

That’s a weird sentence, but it’s literal. He has fallen in love with Spanish dry-cured ham – locally referred to as Jamon – since moving to Spain. He has said that he will have to have it shipped home to England if and when he goes back.

Number Two: Chocolate is What He Misses Most

Since leaving England and Wales for Spain, Gareth claims chocolate is the thing he most misses from back home. He brings back Dairy Milk and Galaxy brand chocolates every time he makes a trip.

Number One: One of the Things You Didn’t Know About Gareth Bale – His Girlfriend’s Father is in Prison

Martin Rhys-Jones – the father of Bale’s longtime girlfriend – has been in jail for a few years now on forty charges of white collar crimes including money laundering. The rumor is that Gareth and Emma are waiting for him to get out of jail before getting hitched. That’s it for our list of Gareth Bale facts, thanks for reading!

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