Funky house for a family of artists



artistic cottage

You may not know this but House Crazy Sarah works as an assistant to a Realtor in the quirky mountain town of Manitou Springs, Colorado. This job allows me to view some really unique homes close up. I usually don’t post about houses I am involved with at work because I worry that might somehow be a conflict of interest.

This house, however, is not listed on the market and the owners generously allowed me to take some photos of their home and share them with you.

artistic cottage

This little ponderosa is home to a family of artists. The property consists of a main house, a guest cottage, and several outbuildings, including a chicken coop.

The property is strewn with artwork and the tools used in the making of art. The owners run a community program that creates outdoor public art projects using concrete and mosaics

artist's cottage

cottage in Manitou Springs

wall art

Have a look in the main house first…

funky door bell

antique door knob

vintage house

The main house dates back to 1914 and of course, I was smitten with the vintage features.

antique bedroom door

antique wood window

antique stove

Have a closer look at that wood stove:

antique wood stove

Check out this old chair:

antique sofa chair

nautical stairwell

The stairs to the upper level have climbing ropes for banisters.

cottage library

book shelf in an attic room

Now have a peek at the cottage…

backyard guest cottage

guest cottage

windows to the backyard

funky bathroom

Who’s lived in an old house with one of these sinks? I have!

vintage sink

cupboard curtain

vintage gas cooking stove

Back outside, I couldn’t help but notice this shed/workshop:

workshop shed

Then there was this little guy:

ceramic face

Special thanks to the homeowners for letting me photograph this fascinating place.

(All photos by Sarah Felix Burns)

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