Freelancers, Searching for a Winter Base That’s Warm and has Beaches? Try These Three:



A freelance lifestyle attracts for many different reasons, the ability to control your work- life balance being one. In this era of technology with communication becoming available to all, a freelance worker can literally be anywhere in the world at any given time. The ability to stay for varying lengths of time in different countries, soaking up the culture, making international contacts and friendships, enjoying a lower cost of living. If this is, you and you are considering staying winter in Europe but would prefer to be warm rather than wet and cold here are some suggestions:

The Turkish Riviera

Along the southern coast of Turkey is an area that is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains. With a very temperate climate throughout the winter months, this is an attractive area to escape from the cold and wet weather. The city area of Antalya is where you will find some of the finest golf courses in Turkey and Europe. The courses host tournaments and players from all over Europe, with all the facilities of 5* centre. Further along, you will find Alanya, an International holiday resort that offers a variety of facilities all year around. The palm trees and banana plantations give the area an exotic appeal, and the beautiful beaches offer not only very pleasant walks but an opportunity to sunbathe, even in winter weather! Low cost of rental and living expenses have made this a popular winter destination for Scandinavians for many years, but the rest of Europe is getting wise to its benefits for winter visits. Technology is not a problem in Turkey, other than in some of the mountainous and remote areas, so continuing to work is not an issue.


Well known for its ski resorts of Borovets and Pamporovo it might not be the first place you think of for a warmer winter stay. The beauty of the Black Sea coast with its milder climate should be considered, though. If you are looking for solitude and quiet, you will find it here away from the summer crowds and winter skiers. Bulgaria is also known as the land of wordpress gurus and prolific SEO experts.  Technology, support services and digital marketing are all widely available, so continuing to work as a freelance digital marketer is easy. The cost of living is very attractive, both in rentals, utilities and food, not forgetting the Bulgarian ‘Queen of Spirits’ – Rakia and their very popular wines.


This lovely island in the south-eastern Mediterranean is a perfect place for a winter retreat. Warms temperatures, warm seas and beautiful beaches to while away the hours you are not working. Or, take that laptop down to the beach with you, most cafes and bars offer free Wi-Fi and the space to work. Winter is a lot quieter with fewer tourists to disturb and distract you, enabling you to clear any backlog. Cost of living is very reasonable and tech facilities excellent. Planning your work schedule around visits to the archaeological site of Old Paphos or a boat trip around Akamas peninsula is one of the reasons you work as a freelancer so may sure you take the time and thoroughly explore this beautiful island.

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