Floyd Mayweather Jr.: 7 Things You Didn’t Know




Floyd Mayweather Jr. is arguably both the best fighter of his generation and the most controversial. Mayweather is less flashy than many fighters, but more successful than almost every one in history. But he has also been the subject of many domestic violence allegations over the course of his life. But whatever you think about him now, we’re betting there are at least seven things you don’t know about the fighter.

Number Seven: His Nickname Isn’t “Pretty Boy” Because He Thinks He’s Handsome

It seems like the kind of name a cocky fighter like Mayweather would give himself, but it’s not the case. In actuality, it was given to him by his teammates back when he was still an amateur boxer because he has very few scars thanks to his defensive fighting style.

Number Six: He Brushes His Teeth for Ten Minutes Every Morning

It is always good to be thorough when brushing one’s teeth – or is it? How thorough is too thorough? Ten straight minutes might be pushing it.

Number Five: He Does 1,000 Sit Ups a Day

This might not be true for every day of his adult life. But it is the case when Mayweather is in his training camp.

Number Four: He Puts Barbecue Sauce on His Hot Dogs

This one is pretty self-explanatory. But it is kind of strange. But then again, it doesn’t sound awful, and he is the champ.

Number Three: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Orders a Glass of Hot Water Whenever He Eats Out

It is the first thing he orders, every time. He doesn’t drink it, though – he soaks his silverware in the water to make sure they’re clean.

Number Two: He Gets a Manicure and Pedicure Every Week

Again, this is probably not true for his whole adult life. But during training camp, he gets both his hands and feet done every single week. Pretty Boy is right.

Number One: He Fought in the Most Expensive Fight in History

It was against Manny Pacquiao, another recent great. The fight cost over $300 million total with over half of that going to Mayweather. That’s it for this list, thanks for reading!

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