Flo Rida: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Flo Rida has graced the world with popular rap hits such as “Low” and “How I Feel.” His music has been heard in many clubs and he continues to maintain relevance today. Here are more fun facts about this rapper that many people don’t know.

Number Eight: Flo Rida Gives Back to the Underprivileged

Something which is really nice about the rapper is the fact that he’s created the Big Dreams For Kids Foundation, as well as the Florida Youth Football League. These two organizations work to better the lives of underprivileged children with improved education, emotional support, and more.

Number Seven: He’s Personified Crunk

Flo Rida wanted to change the word¬†crunk to Gronk, in order to personify the state. He’s said that “Gronk and his family definitely know how to party.” All in all, this is a pretty funny request to make.

Number Six: He Has His Own Cardio Program

Flo Rida believes that being fit and healthy is very important, which is why he formed a cardio routine known as Flo Fit. To check it out, you can go here.

Number Five: He’s a Fan of The Hard Rock Cafe

When the rapper turned 35, he celebrated it by performing at the Hard Rock Cafe. The restaurant even brought him a birthday cake right before the show ended!

Number Four: He Finds Touring to Be Educational

Apparently, this rapper now knows a little French and Japanese, which he attributes to his tours. Traveling allows him to learn different languages, which is certainly something he loves.

Number Three: He Demanded a DNA Test

When a glamour model sued Flo Rida in order to gain child support for her baby (which had not yet been born at the time) the rapper wanted her to provide appropriate evidence. He demanded a DNA test before agreeing to financially support her.

Number Two: He Avoided a Giant No-Show Fee

Once, Flo Rida failed to perform at the 2011 Fat As Butter music festival, which landed him in a whopping $417,000 damages fee, which he avoided paying. However, when the court date came around to deal with the dispute, he didn’t show up for that either.

Number One: He Has a Twin

Most people don’t know that Flo Rida is, in fact, a twin. Even more interesting, his twin is female. She hasn’t pursued a music career as her brother has. Thanks for reading!

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