Five Guys: 15 Fast Facts You Didn’t Know



Five Guys is one of the most popular chains to get that greasy food fix. The fast-casual burger chain offers numerous different options for all sorts of diners and appeals to a nearly universal audience. However, despite its ubiquitous presence, there are still some facts about Five Guys that most people don’t know. Here, we present our list of 15 things you didn’t know about Five Guys. Check it out for yourself below!

Number Fifteen: The ‘Five Guys’ Never Went to College

Five Guys founders Jerry and Janie Murrell advised their four sons that they could choose to go to college or get into the family business. They wisely chose the family business and their four sons plus Jerry comprised the “five guys.”

Number Fourteen: Their Fries Can Be Really Finicky

Of all of the things on the chain’s menu, fries are the hardest to really nail. Every single shift, someone has to perform calibrations so the cooking time is appropriate. Because there can be so many variations in the potatoes being cooked and the peanut oil being fried in, achieving the perfect Five Guys fry is no easy feat.

Number Thirteen: Almost Every State in the U.S. Has a Five Guys

Alaska and Hawaii are the only two states lacking the chain. And that won’t be true for long – Hawaii is getting one this year!

Number Twelve: Its First Location Was Carry-Out Only

Despite popular belief, the very first restaurant in the chain opened in Arlington, Virginia’s Columbia Pike – the Alexandria location that most people think was the first was actually the second to open. The first location was carry-out only.

Number Eleven: Their Music Is a Curated Effort

You might think that what you hear when you walk into a Five Guys is just a random radio station or someone’s personal Spotify playlist, but that isn’t the case at all. In fact, the music played in every location is designed to be “Five Guys rock.”

Number Ten: They Serve Peanuts to Calm Customers Down

Most people come into Five Guys feeling pretty hungry. To help the hanger, the chain began that tradition of handing out peanuts so customers wouldn’t be too upset while waiting for their delicious food.

Number Nine: They Use a Special Kind of Bacon

Some people might argue that every kind of bacon is special, but this is especially true for the fast-casual chain. They only serve bacon sourced from one of the U.S.’ last remaining smokehouses! The smokehouse they source their bacon from was built in 1888.

Number Eight: The Original Five Guys Aren’t the Five Guys Now

Though the original “five guys” were Jerry Murrell and his four sons, now the “five guys” are Jerry and Janie’s five sons. The couple had another son, Tyler, two years after founding the company, and he eventually became one of the “guys.”

Number Seven: They Are Incredibly Generous to Their Employees

Last year, as part of an advertising campaign for their secret shopper program, the company gave away $20 million to its hourly employees. The company did this because it believes its crew members (the people who interact with customers) are the best form of advertisement for the company.

Number Six: Everything Is Prepared by Hand Every Morning

It’s true! From start to finish, it takes about three hours just to open one Five Guys store. This is because everything – from produce to meat – is prepared by hand every single day.

Number Five: Extra Doesn’t Cost Extra

While other fast-casual chains charge extra for things like cheese, bacon, and guacamole, this isn’t the case with Five Guys. If you want extra cheese on your cheeseburger, you’ll get it without having to pay a dime.

Number Four: There’s a Reason¬†They Don’t Have a Kids Menu

And that’s because the entire menu is pretty kid-friendly. The company believes that kids actually enjoy ordering from the same menu as their older counterparts – especially because the menu largely appeals to kids, anyway.

Number Three: Their Burgers Are More Scientific Than You Realize

If you go to five different Five Guys and order the same burger with the same toppings, they’ll all come out looking exactly the same. The company has a specific order the toppings go on the burgers, so every single burger looks and tastes exactly the same.

Number Two: They’re Going Global

In 2016, the chain plans to open several new stores around the world. There will be stores in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Kuwait, and even Oman!

Number One: Don’t Roll Those Paper Bags

Though many people prefer to roll the paper bag the food comes in to make carrying it easier, the company’s employees recommend against this. Rolling the bag actually makes the fries soggier! So next time you eat there, remember not to roll. Thanks for reading our list!

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