Fidel Castro: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Recently, we brought you part one of interesting facts about Fidel Castro, the Cuban Dictator. Here are some more interesting facts you didn’t know about him.

Number Eight: He Quit Cigars in 1985

Before this, he was always known for having a cigar in his mouth. He gave them up and was later quoted saying that the best thing you can do with a box of cigars is give them to an enemy.

Number Seven: He Married Mirta Diaz-Balart

She was the daughter of a very rich family tied to the Batista regime. She was his first wife, and they had a son in 1949.

Number Six: Fidel Castro Has Eight Children, at Least

These are not all by Mirta, however. The eldest son is Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, who looks exactly like his father and is known as Fidelito (little Fidel). The son is a Soviet-trained nuclear scientist.

Number Five: He Divorced as the Result of a Love Letter Switch

Mirta divorced Castro when he was in prison. The reason for this was that his love letters to another woman, Natalia Revuelta, and his letters to Mirta were switched. Revuelta revealed later that she believes this was not an accident.

Number Four: His Daughter Publicly Criticizes Him

Her name is Alina Fernandez, and she was born from the affair Castro had with Revuelta. She escaped Cuba back in the ’90s disguised as a tourist and is an outspoken Fidel critic on her radio show in Miami.

Number Three: ‘Cuba Can Be Ruled Only by the Revolution’

He gave an interview to U.S. News in the mid-’90s and was asked what he thought about the idea of political liberty in Cuba. He replied that Cuba can be ruled only by the revolution.

Number Two: Five of his Son’s Names Start with the Letter ‘A’

He has five sons with Dalia Soto (the woman he married after Mirta). All of their names begin with A. The youngest son, Antonio is a doctor for the national baseball team.

Number One: He Used to Fish

Before he became a fearless dictator, the younger Fidel enjoyed spear fishing, cooking, and reading books. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of interesting facts.

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