Fast and Furious: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



The Fast and Furious universe has turned into a global entertainment phenomenon, having grossed over $3 billion to date. Keep reading to find out 15 things you probably didn’t know about the racing franchise, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: Vin Diesel Broke a Stuntman’s Nose on Set

The only stunt accident concerning Diesel in the franchise took place during the “Race Wars” sequence, in the first movie. The scene involved a fight between Diesel’s character, Toretto, and Johnny Tran. A security guard, played by a stuntman, jumps into the scene to stop Toretto from terminating his rival. Diesel accidentally elbowed the stuntman in the nose and broke it.

Number Fourteen: Michelle Rodríguez Wasn’t Meant to Be a Protagonist

Rodríguez’s character, Letty, wasn’t written as a particularly significant part of the cast. However, the script underwent severe modifications due to the incredible chemistry between all the actors on set.

Number Thirteen: Vin Diesel Saved Michelle from Not Coming Back

Letty Ortiz got caught in a dramatic explosion at the end of the fourth movie (Tokyo Drift). The actress herself believed that her Fast and Furious adventure was over, since Ortiz was supposed to be dead. Diesel wasn’t willing to let his good friend go, and convinced the rest of the team to bring her back in the sixth movie: “[Diesel said] ’Just watch and see.’ Cut to two years later, I’m in Paris and I go see ’Fast Five’ because I want to see Vin Diesel go head-to-head with The Rock like everybody else, and then at the end, I see a tag ending with my picture in it.”

Number Twelve: Dwayne Johnson ‘Begged’ to be in the Fast and Furious

The Rock loves an action movie almost as much as he loves a wrestling match. He wasn’t originally cast to be a part of the movie, but he approached Universal Studios and asked to join in. The producers said yes and offered him the role of Luke Hobbs in Fast Five. He has been in every sequel ever since.

Number Eleven: Paul Walker Handpicked Every Car on Screen

Walker was a true car guy. He handpicked every car his character drove in the first two films, and even used a car from his personal collection, a Nissan Skyline, in the second movie.

Number Ten: Michelle Rodríguez Didn’t Have a Driver’s License

Neither Rodriguez nor co-star Jordana Brewster have a driver’s license by the time production for the first movie started. Both actresses had to obtain one during their training for the car chase scenes. Michelle frequently got ticketed for speeding after getting her license. “I got such a bad record with speeding ’cause I got my license for ‘Fast and Furious,’

Number Nine: Real Car Races Took Place in the Race Wars

Director Rob Cohen attended real illegal street races to get inspired before shooting began for the first movie. He was so impressed by what he saw he actually asked real drivers to appear in the movie. Around 200 street racing drivers participated in the Race Wars scene with their own cars.

Number Eight:  The Runway from ‘Fast & Furious 6’ Was Around 25 Miles Long

BBC and Empire Magazine both calculated how long the runway from the sixth film must have been to accommodate the impressive plane-chasing scene. With the help of aeronautics experts, both publications concluded that the runway was around 20 miles long. The longest real runway in the world is 7.5 miles long and it is located in China. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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