Fargo: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




As promised, we are now back with seven more interesting facts about Fargo; both the film and the TV show. Hopefully, you will discover something you didn’t know!

Number Seven: The Film’s Editor Doesn’t Exist

The Coens do pretty much everything in their movies. However, they thought it would be a bit tacky to have their name appear as directors, editors, writers and producers, so they made up a name to use instead. That’s how they came up with “Roderick Janes”, who is credited as editor in almost every movie they have made.

Number Six: Season Two Might Be Based on True Events

Fargo’s Season two, unlike season one, might actually be inspired by real life events. In the show, a man gets accidentally hit by a car after shooting up a diner, and the woman responsible for the accident keeps driving with the dead man on her windshield. A strikingly similar story took place in Texas in 2001.

Number Five: The Coens Chose Fargo for the Way it Sounded

The story was meant to take place in a really cold, snowy place somewhere in the Midwest. The only reason why Fargo was picked among the many little localities in the area was because it sounded better than ‘Brainerd’ or ‘Little Falls’.

Number Four: The Actors in the Movie Went Through Extensive Dialect Training

Most of the actors in the movie were from Minnesota or neighboring states, but Frances McDormand, Billy Macy and Harve Presnell were not. Directors Joel and Ethan Coen required them to get their accents right, so special copies of the script were distributed to them with notes explaining exactly how each word was meant to be pronounced. Dialect coach Larissa Kokernot, who appeared in the movie as one of the Brainerd prostitutes, explained that “the Minnesota nice accent comes from a place of wanting people to agree with each other and get along.”

Number Three: The Show’s Cast Were Told Not to Exaggerate the Accent

Unlike the movie, FX Fargo’s creators did not require their actors to exaggerate a Minnesotan accent. In fact, they were told to be quite subtle about it because that is a peculiarity that makes the movie special.

Number Two: The Show Borrows Many Elements From the Movie

Both productions tell slightly different stories set in the same place: Fargo. But there are many parallels that might go unnoticed. For example, it seems pretty obvious that Stavros (Oliver Platt) ‘stole’ Carl Showalter’s money, which he found semi-buried in the snow.

Number One: The Show Is Produced by the Coens

MGM and FX, along with the Coen brothers as executive producers, teamed up to create a Fargo reboot as a TV series. In fact, they wanted it to be called Fargo and feel exactly like Fargo, without telling the story from Fargo. They approached writer Noah Hawley and offered him to write the first script. Hawley spoke with the Coens, who simply replied: “Look, we don’t know television. It’s your show—just go make it.” Upon watching the pilot episode, the Coens response was “Yeah, good.” Thanks for reading!

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