Face Swap: 10 Fast Facts You Didn’t Know




Face Swap is one of the most popular apps of all time. The face trading app has entertained millions of people for hours, and there’s no doubt it’ll continue to entertain for a long time to come. However, despite the app’s continued presence in the spotlight, there are still some things that many people don’t know. Here, we present our list of 10 things you didn’t know about Face Swap. Check it out for yourself below!

Number Ten: Face Swap Isn’t Its Full Name

While many people choose to call the app “Face Swap,” the full name is actually Face Swap Live. Most people aren’t aware of the “Live.”

Number Nine: The App Took Six Months to Develop

According to Jason Laan, one of Face Swap’s developers, the idea behind the app existed quite awhile before it was actually developed. However, he had to wait for the technology to catch up before developing it, which was a process that took six months.

Number Eight: It’s Been Ranked Number One in 90 Countries

It’s no secret that the app is hugely popular, but do you know just how popular it is? Face Swap has been the number one app in an impressive 90 countries at some point or another.

Number Seven: One of Its Developers Has a Background in Chemical Engineering

There’s some serious tech that went into the app’s development, and developer Jason Laan’s background is a testament to this. Laan studied chemical engineering in school.

Number Six: It’s Not a One-Hit Wonder

The app was developed by Laan Labs, of which Laan (mentioned above) is an integral part. When asked to estimate how many products Laan Labs has released since its inception eight years ago, Laan said they had put out about 50, many of which you may have heard of!

Number Five: It Has a Hidden Mode

Even the app’s most seasoned users might not be aware of this. Laan revealed that Face Swap has a hidden mode in which the user can see the exact facial features the app looks for. However, he didn’t reveal how to find it.

Number Four: It Has Many Celebrity Fans

It’s true! Celebrities like Amy Poehler, Kylie Jenner, PewDiePie, and Conan O’Brien have all used the app with hilarious results. Even the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has used the app.

Number Three: The App’s Developers Love Baby/Parent Videos

According to Will Perkins, who is one of the co-developers of the app, the baby and parent face swaps are the most entertaining. Perkins has said that he appreciates that the app has such a widespread and universal appeal.

Number Two: It Was Designed to Make Family Get-Togethers More Enjoyable

Seriously! Laan has admitted that part of the reason he designed the app was to make family get-togethers – which, let’s be honest, can be quite droll – more entertaining.

Number One: In the End, Its Creators Just Want to Have Fun

Though the app itself is highly complex, Laan has said that the goal of it was simply to have fun. And since the app has exploded in popularity, there’s no need to remind anybody of just how fun it is! Thanks for reading!

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