Emma Stone: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)




Emma Stone has been making us laugh since she first appeared on the silver screen in 2007. The bouncy redhead has landed roles in movies such as The Help, Easy A, and Crazy Stupid Love just to name a few, and she is showing no signs of slowing down. She is still relatively a newcomer to the world of Hollywood, so here are some facts about her that you may not otherwise know.

Number Fifteen: Emma Stone Got Her Start in Theater

She began acting, as many other Hollywood stars do, at her local theater in Phoenix, Arizona. She began starring in productions at the Valley Youth Theatre when she was 11 years old and eventually starred in 16 productions as well as being part of the comedy improv troupe.

Number Fourteen: She Knew What She Wanted

At only 15, Emma knew that she wanted to act. To get herself to Hollywood, she put together a powerpoint presentation titled “Project Hollywood” to show to her parents. It must have been one amazing presentation since her parents let her move soon after.

Number Thirteen: She’s Not A Natural Ginger

Emma’s trademark look is her red hair, but it is actually not her real hair color. She is actually a natural blonde and only kept her hair red after liking it so much when she had to dye it for her role in Superbad (2007).

Number Twelve: She Has Matching Ink

Though she does not often show it off, Emma has a tattoo of a bird. She and her mom have matching ones which represent The Beatles’ song “Blackbird.” Sir Paul McCartney drew the tattoos himself.

Number Eleven: Her Husky Voice Is From a Childhood Illness

There is no denying that Emma has a unique voice and laugh. Her deep voice is from having colic as a baby. It lasted six months after which she developed nodules, and she now has calluses on her vocal chords.

Number Ten: She Switched Her Professional Name

When Emma applied for her SAG card, there was already an Emily Stone. So she started going by Emma instead.

Number Nine: She’s Starred On Broadway

Emma was originally offered the role of Sally Bowels in Cabaret alongside Alan Cummings on Broadway in 2014 but she had to back out for the production’s opening. She finally graced the stage on February of 2015. We are not done talking about the hilarious Emma Stone just yet, so stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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