Ellen Pompeo: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Ellen Pompeo, best known for her role as Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy, has proved to be a very notable celebrity. Here are seven more interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the actress!

Number Seven: She’d Like to Make Out with Angelina Jolie

Pompeo was once asked what actress she would like to make out with. Her answer was Angelina Jolie or her co-star Sandra Oh as a second option.

Number Six: From $200 to $350,000

During the first season of Grey’s Anatomy, Pompeo received $200 per episode aired. As of today, the actress makes more than $350,000 per episode on the same show.

Number Five: She Was Almost in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

If you don’t remember seeing her in the movie, don’t worry, you are not crazy. Pompeo did shoot a few scenes for the film as Joel’s ex, but none of them made the final cut.

Number Four: She’s Not Invincible

Pompeo suffers from several allergies and asthma. She owns two toy poodles with her husband because those dogs don’t shed: “I have asthma, so those are the only kinds of dogs I can have.”

Number Three: Ellen Pompeo and Her Husband Met at a Grocery Store

Sounds like the plot of a Jennifer Aniston movie: film star and music producer meet at an L.A. grocery store and fall in love. That’s the real story behind Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery’s idyllic relationship.

Number Two: Taylor Swift Named Her Cat After Her

Well, not exactly after her. The singer named one of her cats “Meredith” after Pompeo’s character in Grey’s Anatomy.

Number One: She Lives a Very Healthy Lifestyle

Ellen wakes up at 5.30 AM sharp every morning and heads straight for the treadmill. She drinks alkaline water and meditates two times a day for 20 minutes each. If she’s at work, she does so inside her trailer in between takes. She also takes naps here and there on the set’s hospital beds. “ I don’t have Botox, I don’t have fillers, I don’t have anything, so you know, I really have to eat well and exercise and do everything, because I don’t want to put stuff in my face.” We hope you learned something new about the actress!

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