Elle Macpherson: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




We recently brought part one of our list of 15 things you didn’t know about Elle Macpherson, and now we are back with part two. There are many little known facts to discuss about the Fashion icon!

Number Seven: She’s Good at Skiing

In part one, we mentioned Macpherson’s love for surf. As it turns out, the model is also good at skiing. She practices this sport quite often in Aspen, Colorado, where she owns a house that’s currently on sale.

Number Six: She Worked at a Pharmacy

Macpherson started her modeling career at age 18. Before that, she worked at a pharmacy in Australia Thursday nights and Saturday mornings for extra cash ($13 a week), from ages 13-16.

Number Five: She Loves Mojitos

A mojito is Macpherson’s favorite beverage. However, her current Alkaline diet doesn’t allow her to drink even a single drop of alcohol.

Number Four: She Owns 50 Lingerie Sets

Elle Macpherson believes that every woman should own, at the very least, seven sets of beautiful lingerie—one for every day of the week. She also thinks it’s essential to always match tops and bottoms. “If I’m wearing a bra that doesn’t match the knickers, I feel like I’m walking with a limp. It just doesn’t feel right.”

Number Three: Elle Macpherson’s Stamps

Elle Macpherson appeared on a special series of stamps issued on Antigua and Barbuda, in 1999. She was the first model to appear on official postal stationery.

Number Two: Elle Macpherson Was Offered a Governmental Position

The ‘90s saw an incredible rise in Macpherson’s popularity around the world. Not only did she grace the runways and covers of most Fashion shows and magazines worldwide, she also appeared on TV regularly (you might remember her as Joey’s roommate and girlfriend in Friends.) Her popularity was so extreme, the Australian Government offered her a position as an Ambassador for the Australia Tourism Commission.

Number One:  She Carries Urine Testers in her Bag

The London Evening Standard interviewed Macpherson and asked her what’s the most strange thing she carries in her purse. Her response? A pH balance urine tester kit “to check that I’m in an alkaline state. I believe that most ailments come from having an acidic body.” We hope you enjoyed learning a few things about the Australian model!

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