Ebola: 9 Things You Didn’t Know About the Virus




It’s easy to be frightened of Ebola, especially considering the fact that it’s highly contagious in its later stages. It’s best to be informed about such topics, so we’re here to bring you some facts you didn’t know about the deadly disease.

Number Nine: Early Symptoms are Often Signs of Other Illnesses

The symptoms that first emerge when you’re infected with this virus are pretty general. For this reason, it’s really hard to tell early on if someone has Ebola.

Number Eight: Ebola is Caused by an RNA Virus

Most commonly, this virus occurs in wild animals (though it’s unlikely to appear in household pets). Scientists believe that this is where it first started.

Number Seven: USA Ports of Entry Scanned for Ebola

Five major airports began scanning people upon entry to the United States. JFK was the first airport to begin this.

Number Six: It Caused Travel Warnings for Guinea and Liberia

In fact, it’s highly advised to avoid travel to these places unless it is absolutely essential. If you must travel there, avoid contact with blood at all costs (which you probably would have done anyway).

Number Five: Prevention Vaccines are in Development

It’s no easy task to determine how useful a prevention vaccine is. However, there have been studies done that show promise for one particular shot in the works.

Number Four: It’s Not a Risk for Americans

If you live in the states, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll contract this deadly virus. Don’t worry.

Number Three: Bleeding is Common in Late Stages

Many people probably believe that bleeding happens instantly with this disease, if they’re even aware of this symptom at all. It’s most common later on in the illness.

Number Two: It’s Most Widespread in West Africa

Although very small isolated cases have occurred in other places. Since spring of 2015, almost 25,000 cases have been reported, about 9,000 of which were fatal.

Number One: Scientists are Working on Medication

The one currently undergoing research is an antibody based medicine, but it’s experimental and has not yet been tested on human subjects for effectiveness. Thanks for reading our list of facts about Ebola.

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