eBay: 15 Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Our part one article with the first seven lesser-known tricks about eBay really filled you in on all of the possibilities that eBay has to offer. If you enjoyed the first part of our list, part two is finally here and even better! Read on to find out the top eight lesser-known tricks that you never knew about eBay!

Number Eight: They Sell More Than You Think

The online marketplace offers a wide variety of products, many that you would never think are available online. Anything from clothes to automobiles to even real estate can be bought on eBay.

Number Seven: The Most Expensive Item

In fact, you could even use the site to purchase a yacht. The most expensive item ever sold on the website was a “Gigayacht” for $168 million. It came complete with a movie theater, workout room, office, 10 floors of suites, and a helicopter garage.

Number Six: Headway in Research

As odd as it may seem, the site actually aided in discovering a new species of sea urchin that was sold on the site. It was purchased by a scientist, who tried to name the previously-unknown creature “Mindarus ebayici”.

Number Five: Forming Love Connections

When his sister was stranded in who knows where, James Blunt decided to get her out of a sticky situation by auctioning her off on eBay. The purchaser was able to pay the tremendous asking price, so it wasn’t surprising that he had a helicopter to go get her. The woman and her savior ended up dating for three years before they got engaged.

Number Four: You Can’t Get Everything on eBay

After a few people decided to make some money selling their souls, eBay had to refine the restrictions of the seller’s guide. Things that you cannot purchase from the site include souls, magic potions, body parts, prayers, and ghosts. Darn.

Number Three: Not for Kids

When it comes to using eBay, you may want to keep a close eye on your children. If you doubt their capabilities, just keep in mind that one young boy was banned for bidding roughly $3 million on a painting by Van Gogh, two cars, a whole Viking ship, and furniture from the home of the Canadian Prime Minister.

Number Two: Supported by NASA

We know that NASA has experienced hard times like the rest of us, and they turn to eBay in their times of need. The 21st-century space shuttle was actually built with refurbished parts from the site, including Intel computer processors and floppy disk drives.

Number One: It isn’t a Good Place for Humor

Needless to say, many people have experienced troubles from using the bidding site. One couple in 2008 decided it would be funny to auction off their “nearly new baby” for about $1.25, and ended up getting a full investigation from child care services. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the top 15 lesser-known tricks about everything that eBay has to offer!

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