Dustin Hoffman: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




We recently we brought you part one of this list of facts about the famous actor Dustin Hoffman. Here is part two of the list with seven more interesting facts about his life and career.

Number Seven: He Got Paid $7.5 Million for a Week of Work

The Meet the Parents’ star managed to negotiate a $7.5 million deal for just a week worth of work, on Little Fockers, after reshooting of some scenes was necessary. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro earned $20 million each while the film itself grossed $100 million.

Number Six: He Is a Doctor Dropout

Hoffman didn’t always dream of becoming a Hollywood actor. In fact, he enrolled at Santa Monica College in 1955 and began his studies in medicine. He dropped out a year later and moved to New York to act.

Number Five: He Considered Becoming a Pianist

Dustin studied piano for most of his childhood until he went away to college. He used to play the instrument for his patients at the New York Psychiatric Institute. However, he later realized he just wasn’t skilled enough to become a professional musician: “I just was not gifted in music. I did not have an ear.”

Number Four: He Passed as Homeless for a Role

For his Midnight Cowboy’s audition, Hoffman simply dressed up as a homeless person: dirty raincoat, dirty hair, and an unkempt beard. He met director John Schlesinger in full character in New York’s Times Square and got the role.

Number Three: He Actually Ran in Marathon Man

For various scenes in the movie, the actor had to pretend to be out of breath. Instead of faking it, he would run for a half-mile and come back into the set out of breath, ready to shoot.

Number Two: Dustin Hoffman Disguised Himself as a Woman for a School Meeting

During filming for Tootsie was taking place, and as a way for him to polish his role, Hoffman showed up at her daughter’s parents evening at school dressed up as Aunt Dorothy, from the movie. He looked and sounded so convincing no one realized who he actually was.

Number One: He’s a Huge Archie Comics Fan

Hoffman has proved to be a bit of a nerd. He is a life-long lover of comics and owns every Archie Comics issue ever printed.

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