Ducati: 6 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know




Ducati has revolutionized the technology for motorcycles, and we are here to fill you in on all of the interesting facts that you never knew about this Italian company! From bikes to motorcycles, this company sure seems to be a master of everything on two wheels. Although, there is so much more to discover about them when you read on!

Number Six: Early Ventures

The Ducati company has received astonishing amounts of praise for its high-performance motorcycles, but that wasn’t always their specialty. Before they dipped their toes in the waters of motors, the company built radios, electric shaving razors, and even reel-based projectors.

Number Five: The First Motor

The first motor ever produced by the company emerged just after a bombing blew up the factory in World War II. Although, it was definitely not up to the company’s modern standards. It wasn’t meant to be placed on a motor bike, but actually just regular bikes. Deemed the Cicciolo, it was basically a toy for the rich kids to show off.

Number Four: Quality to the Last Detail

One of the most amazing aspects of this renowned company is their production method: to this day, they continue to make every product by hand in Italy. Even in the modern day of production lines and underpaid, outsourced workers, Ducati continues to stick to its humble and traditional roots to ensure quality.

Number Three: Impressive Talents

Even with the detailed process of hand-constructing each and every product, the company’s factories can hold their own. A Monster can be manufactured in a mere 88 minutes- and it comes out perfect every time.

Number Two: A New Level of Accountability

Because Ducati specializes in unmatchable, Italian quality, each bike produced goes through an extensive process of checkpoints. Paperwork accompanies each product as it moves through the line, and is signed off by each worker responsible. In retrospect, you could meet each person who created your purring baby.

Number One: The Ducati Roar

The most iconic aspect of any Ducati masterpiece is its coveted roar. However, you don’t get quite so much of an ego-boost with your bike if you buy it in Japan. The bikes sold in Japan have been silenced by the man, but they still kind of purr. We hope you enjoyed learning the six interesting things that you didn’t know about Ducati!

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