Dubai: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We are back with seven even more shocking facts about United Arab Emirates’ largest and most unique city, Dubai. You might read something you didn’t know!

Number Seven: They Love Crazy Tennis Courts

We don’t know why, but Emiratis love their tennis courts. The Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championship teamed up with the folks at the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel in 2005 to build a remarkable 1,053 ft high tennis court atop the famous building. The court no longer exists (it was built over a helipad for publicity reasons only), but Dubai officials are now planning to build the world’s first underwater tennis court! With an initial investment of $2,5 million, they hope they can get it done before the Expo 2020 Dubai starts.

Number Six: Dubai Has the Longest Automated Subway System

Dubai holds yet another entry in the Guinness Book of World Records due to its Metro system being the longest (74.69 kilometres) automated driverless subway network on the planet. Like Tokyo, Dubai counts with “women only” metro compartments. 98 fines are issued each day to men found in these carriages.

Number Five: Dubai’s Fog Phenomenon

Around twice a year, Dubai’s skyline disappears among a thick layer of fog. This impressive phenomenon occurs during the Summer to Winter transition, caused by the cold night air meeting the hot humidity in the morning’s earliest hours, just as the sun rises. As pretty as it is, it causes many car accidents and flight delays.

Number Four: It’s Tax-Free

No matter how much they earn, 0% is what individuals living and working in UAE pay for personal income taxation, making it one of the most convenient countries for those who aim to become rich. The country has been toying with the idea of introducing taxes for a while now, but it still seems like a remote possibility.

Number Three: Crane Capital of the World

Dubai used to own around 25% of the world’s cranes during its expansion peak in 2006. About 30,000 cranes plagued the city’s skyline before the skyscrapers did. Experts believe Dubai is headed towards a new construction boom and will become the crane capital of the world once again.

Number Two: Alcohol Is Only Served in Hotels

Dubai has some really strict laws, which shows in their incredibly low crime rate. Although the legal drinking age in UAE is the same as in the United States (21), drinking is only permitted in designated areas, most of which are exclusively located in hotels.  If caught drinking outside these areas, citizens and tourists alike will face a fine and, possibly, even jail time. Alcohol licenses are issued for those who wish to drink within the Emirates’ territory, but they are quite difficult to obtain.

Number One: It’s a Big Luxury Car Graveyard

Extravagance knows no limits in Dubai. With over 26,000 millionaires living in the city, driving the same car for longs periods of time is not a choice here. Just like American kids getting the newest iPhone model over and over again, what do rich Emiratis do when their already fancy car no longer satisfies their thirst for luxury? They just drop it off somewhere in the city. Thousands of abandoned Ferraris, Porsches and MBWs infest the city like a pest, which is starting to annoy the authorities.

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