Duane Reade: 8 Things You Didn’t Know




Duane Reade has been supplying customers with a variety of drugstore products and a myriad of services since 1960, and we have come to give you the scoop on everything there is to know about this helpful store! If you love shopping at Duane Reade, read on to discover everything you are missing out on!

Number Eight: The Duane Reade History

The very first Duane Reade store opened its doors as early as 1960. Founded by Eli, Abraham, and Jack Cohen, the band of brothers gave their business creation a classy name that would last through generations. Because the original warehouse sat on the corner where Duane Street met Reade street in Manhattan, they deemed Duane Reade a fitting name. By 2010, it became a great addition to the Walgreen’s family.

Number Seven: Earning You Rewards

Since 2010, this store has been rewarding its loyal customers on the Walgreen’s Balance Rewards system. If you haven’t yet jumped onto this very beneficial program, it is definitely worth looking into. Shoppers are rewarded with points, which even out to a savings of $5 for every $50 that is spent. It is even more beneficial if you buy prescriptions as well, because those will earn you an extra 100 points each!

Number Six: They Want to Keep You Healthy

Additionally, Walgreens and Duane Reade have developed a series of programs in collaboration with your favorite fitness apps to promote healthy life choices. Using the Balance Rewards points system, customers can be rewarded just for making healthy choices! All you have to do is register free online, and set up as many goals as you’d like. Log your healthy activity, and you can earn extra points while you run, lose weight, maintain healthy blood pressure, or even quit smoking.

Number Five: A Victim in the Attack

On the tragic day of 9/11, thousands of lives were stolen away. One of the many losses was actually the Duane Reade chain’s prize location. After the loss of sales the company encountered, the steady expansion rate was diminished by more than a third.

Number Four: The Beer Bar

If you are a local in downtown Brooklyn, you have probably discovered that this Duane Reade location is quite unlike any drugstore you have ever encountered before. Down in Williamsburg, this company operates a store that has a full beer bar with nine total tasting-taps, refillable growlers, and a wide selection of craft and imported beers. They really know what’s important!

Number Three: Innovative Layout

In the 1990’s, this chain of stores got a very innovative and impressive makeover. To make shopping and store maintenance easier, Senior Vice-President of sales and marketing Gary Charboneau came up with the ingenious idea to design the store into four blocks that could be moved. One block held cosmetics and beauty retail items, one housed the pharmacy, another consisted of seasonal products, and the final block was home to grocery items.

Number Two: Customer Interaction with Technology

To embrace the modern technology of the age, even this chain has hopped onto the smartphone application bus. As a test to increase customer interaction in stores, the company has just installed 10 Bluetooth iBeacons to engage customers in their most popular New York stores. These beacons alert customers when they are approaching a select store, and even send customized special offers straight to your phone based on your purchase history!

Number One: All About Location

This store may offer impressive customer service and the utmost convenience, but if you ask the executives, the company’s success is rooted in their location technology. To make sure they reach an extensive audience, the company has strategically placed every location. Due to their extensive process of using electronic beams, extensive maps, and hand counters, they have truly mastered the marketing technique. We hope you enjoyed our list of the eight things that you didn’t know about Duane Reade!

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