Drugs: 7 Countries You Wouldn’t Want to be Caught with Drugs In




Drugs, if you think America has harsh punishments for these crimes, think again! Here are seven countries you would absolutely never want to get caught with illegal substances in.

Number Seven: Getting Caught with Drugs in Singapore

Drug laws in this country are quite extreme. Getting caught with at least 17 ounces of weed can lead to death by hanging! This includes foreigners.

Number Six: Malaysia

Close to Singapore and perhaps even more harsh, Malaysia doesn’t mess around when it comes to recreational substances. Mandatory death sentences are among the harsh punishments doled out for getting caught with drugs, along with long sentences in prison.

Number Five: Iran

As many as 500 drug offenders are executed annually in Iran. Getting caught with marijuana can mean a punishment of up to 70 lashes! Still think the United States has harsh sentences for drugs? Talk about old fashioned.

Number Four: Indonesia

Indonesia is another country you’d never want to get caught with drugs in. Users could face up to 15 years in jail or, in extreme cases, be punished by firing squad.

Number Three: Saudi Arabia

Alcohol is outlawed in this country, so that should give you an idea of how harsh the drug laws are! From public flogging, to jail sentences, it’s just not worth it in this Islamic land. Traffickers of drugs receive a public beheading. Ouch.

Number Two: China

Penalties in china for drug offenses are harsh, including long prison sentences and large fines. Get caught trafficking though, and you’re in serious trouble! Punishments for this include lifelong prison sentences and the death penalty. China surpasses even Saudi Arabia when it comes to the number of executions.

Number One: United Arab Emirates

Among the countries for unbelievably serious consequences for drug use and trafficking is the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the nations which doles out capital punishment against substance offenders. Not only are people punished for large amounts, but even the tiniest traces of an illicit drug is enough to get you in serious trouble, leading to arrest. We hope you found our article interesting and informative, and thank you for reading!

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