Drive-Thru Workers Share The Strangest Thing They’ve Heard Over The Headset




“I heard a guy order once and then heard him say, ‘Whoa! Oh, oh hey. Who? Oh, push it! Push it!’ I looked at the camera for the drive-thru and saw that his engine had caught fire while ordering and he was pushing the car out of the way.

Another strange thing happened when we had an accidental discharge of the fire suppression system for the grill. We had to shut down the store, and I put a sign directly over the speaker informing people that we had a ‘fire’ and would be shut down until further notice. Naturally, as it was lunchtime, we had a crowd of people trying to come and order. When they obviously didn’t read the sign, and I’d inform them we had a fire and couldn’t serve them, I had one lady say, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me, this is the worst customer service I’ve ever had!'”

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