America’s 7 Tastiest Food Trucks



There are food trucks all over this great nation of ours, and they offer a large variety of cuisine. Preparing for a nation-wide road trip to specifically try out some of the best food trucks in America definitely sounds like a sweet deal. While you can stop off at any random fast food place or ubiquitous chain restaurant for something fried or greasy, tasting food from a very special vehicle on four wheels has no substitute. Here are the seven food trucks you should sample if you ever have a chance.

Number Seven: Kogi BBQ, Los Angeles. You will never go wrong with a short rib taco or burrito from Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles. Being a Mexican-Korean fusion, this is one of the most fantastic novelty food trucks. Although the line might be long, it moves along at a fine pace; having friends to chat with will help. You can try the Blackjack Quesadilla, Calamari Taco, or even the Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla. The man behind the truck is Roy Choi, who is clearly taking advantage of Los Angeles’ diversity in both people and cuisines.

Number Six: Wok ‘n Roll Food Truck, Cleveland. Lovers of Asian food, rejoice, and visit Cleveland’s best food truck. The owners are married, vegan-friendly and love Asian food, especially Vietnamese and Korean cuisine – including Korean/French-Canadian fusions and Japanese/Southern fusions. The idea of mixing American elements (tater tots, coleslaw and ground beef) with Korean elements (bulgogi sauce, gochujang sauce, kimchi in the coleslaw) has so many people in Cleveland hooked. After all, why else would they be voted Best Food Truck in 2015 by Cleveland Scene Magazine?

Number Five: Oink and Moo, Philadelphia. The award-winning Oink and Moo BBQ food truck simply began as a passion for good BBQ. Founder and chef, Josh Sacks, traveled the country for many years, looking for the best flavors, spices and techniques. Sacks explored the streets of New Jersey in 2012, sharing his amazing BBQ with residents of the Garden State. Oink and Moo utilizes flavors from all over America along with a Cookshack Smoker, which has made this a staple in the food truck scene. Only in 2014 did they make their move to Philadelphia, where the popularity of the food truck has remained consistent, and the food delicious.

Number Four: Rickshaw Stop, San Antonio. This is San Antonio’s first and only gourmet Pakistani food truck, and it is also vegan/vegetarian friendly. Rickshaw Stop is a family-operated food truck with an incredible determination to stay authentic and produce only the highest-quality kebabs and samosas. For example, they marinate their chicken and beef for 48 hours to keep all of the rich Pakistani flavors in the food. Have you ever tried crispy pastry triangles, Chicken Boti Tikka or their special Beef Bihari? Believe the hype about Rickshaw Stop, and make sure it’s one of the next food trucks you try.

Number Three: The Cinnamon Snail, New York City. There are plenty of reasons to live in the world’s greatest city, one of them being The Cinnamon Snail. If you’re tired of the greasy, spicy food you might usually get ordering out, ordering Chimichurri Tempeh Empanadas or Vanilla-Bourbon Crème Brulée Donuts will certainly be the perfect change of pace. This four-time Vendy Award-winning food truck can even provide custom cakes for customers, while also serving burritos, pizza and even salads. Founder Adam Sobel delivers meals that vegans and omnivores alike can both enjoy.

Number Two: Two for the Road, San Diego. The menu at Two for the Road changes weekly and is packed full of surprises. Special hamburgers, amazing hot dogs and supreme corn dogs top the menu, just to name a few of their items. Anyone in San Diego can enjoy their specials, like the New England Lobster Rolls or the Cap ‘N’ Crunch Crab Cakes. They even get food flown in specifically from Maine – the Whoopie Pies should be first on your checklist while ordering. The owners, Lisa and Roberto, have a very extensive food and traveling background, which makes this one of the absolute best food trucks in the country.

Number One: Ms. Cheezious, Miami. The absolute tastiest food truck in the nation is, hands down, Ms. Cheezious in Miami. There is nothing better than the nostalgic comfort a well cooked grilled cheese sandwich can provide. Florida is often in the news in regards to crazy and negative stories, but don’t let any of that scare you away from this Miami-based food truck. BBQ Pulled Pork and Southern Fried Chicken & Waffle Melts are two of the more popular sandwiches, and they even have one that features roasted marshmallows, salted chocolate hazelnut spread and graham cracker crumbles on sourdough bread. Grab a side of sweet potato fries, and you’re all set. You’re welcome.

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