Domino’s Pizza: 15 Yummy Facts (Part 1)



Whether you are a vegan or another who eats the standard American diet, it’s most likely you’re a huge fan of pizza. Most people will say even bad pizza is good pizza, but if you do like actually good pizza, it’s probably a good idea to order from Domino’s Pizza. There’s a lot of things every pizza-lover should know about the franchise, and here are some of them.

Number Fifteen: There’s a Lot of Ways to Pizza.  According to math, there are about 34 million ways that Domino’s Pizza can be cooked. Do you order pizzas from this place in only one or two ways? Perhaps it is the time to start being creative.

Number Fourteen: It Can Be Tracked. When you make an order on their website, you’re able to track your order in all of its stages. You’ll be able to see when its being prepared, cooked, sliced, boxed, and delivered, and by whom. There’s even different ways your tracker can look, and it’s all so much fun.

Number Thirteen: Their Logo Was Going to Be Dotty. When the company began, they had planned to add a new pip (domino dot) for each location they opened. However, the place became so successful that this vision quickly passed.

Number Twelve: Newbies are the Majority. The company is notorious for trying out new ingredients. In fact, more than 80 percent of all the items on the menu are new ones.

Number Eleven: You can Veganize It. Many people who go vegan may not realize that they can basically still order from all the same places. While Domino’s does not yet have vegan cheese, it’s easy to veganize almost any pizza. Just order your pizza without meat or cheese (and with a hand tossed crust), pack on the veggies, and you’ll be good to go. 

Number Ten: A Lot of Driving is Involved. This, of course, is a fact that relates to drivers, who apparently make the distance to cover over 40 trips to the moon each week. That is quite telling of how many pizzas Americans order!

Number Nine: The Second Dish is Bready. When Domino’s Pizza decided to add another dish to their menu (besides pizza) they settled on bread sticks. What a yummy decision. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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