Dodge: 8 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know



All car enthusiasts would know that Dodge is not just a car, it’s a philosophy. It is an attitude and a trendsetter at that. It has quite a few impressive credentials too, for a car company. It has starred in movies, it has invented a word and has helped in the fight of two foreign armies. They were driving Dodges too. In this space, we have eight more impressive things you did not know about Dodge.

Number Eight: The Creators Were Bicycle Makers In The Past

The Dodge Brothers’ first project was the Evans and Dodge Bicycle Company located in Windsor, Canada. What screams ‘bicycles’ more than ‘Canada’.

Number Seven: Horace Enhanced the Bicycle Riding Experience

Horace Dodge invented the dirt-resistant bicycle bearing in 1896 and received a patent for it. From them on, all bike bearings are manufactured with this particular trait in mind.

Number Six: After Bicycles, Came Stoves

The brothers closed their bicycle shop in 1900 and founded a machine shop. They had to cook, so they created mechanical parts of a stove. Talk about distractions.

Number Five: They Contributed To The Creation Of The First Mass-Produced American Car

When stoves began boring the duo, they went on to create car parts. In 1910, they created parts for Model T. They created everything except the body.

Number Four:  People Wanted To Sell Their Cars Even Before They Were Made

Over 22,000 business investors wanted to open their dealership. This was even before the details of their first independent car were revealed. The ones who got the honors were heavily bestowed again- Dodge was one of the top selling companies in America by 1916.

Number Three: The Dodge Viper

The name probably says it all. Dodge was the under-cover attack vehicle in the 1990s series ‘Viper’.

Number Two: It Has The Lamborghini Touch

It was Lamborghini that designed Dodge’s first engine. The beast V10 gave 400hp in 1991.

Number One: One for the Texans

Dodge designed a special version of their Coronet for sale only in Texas. It was called the Coronet Texan, and had special badges for those locations. The interior was more luxurious than the base Coronet.

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